LoL ADC Explained: How To Play The Role

The ADC is the most difficult role in League of Legends. Tons of damage, but no resistances at all. In this guide, we will tell you how to play the role and, to be a successful bot laner.

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League of Legends: You want to be a sucessfull ADC? Follow these easy steps to win © Riot Games

As an AD-Carry (ADC) in League of Legends, you're playing the most important role in the game. So it's even more important to know what to do, how to play and which items are fitting your role. Your main task is simple, deal tons of damage in the later stages of the game and support your mates in team fights.

LoL ADC Guide: The 5 Most Important Aspects

So let's begin. These 5 aspects will help you to understand the life of an ADC in League of Legends

1. Pick The Right Champion

It's very important to choose a champion that can be played as an ADC or fits the role. Typically, ADC champs posses a high amount of physical damage output and attack speed. For example, popular ADC champions are Jinx, Ashe and Kai'sa. Especially the first two are easy to play and to learn the role.

But the best is, to pick a champ that fits your individual play style and the role in general.

2. Concentrate On Farming Gold

ADC champs scale very good with items. So the earning of Gold should be your focus for the laning phase of the game. More Gold equals more items. More items equals more damage. But you shouldn't just focus on farming minions. Kills and the destruction of tower plates and towers also grands gold. Work together with your support to achieve these goals.

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Besonders mit einem immobilen Champion wie Ashe müsst ihr immer auf euer Positioning achten! | © Riot Games

3. Positioning Is Key

The positioning is probably the most important aspect of an ADC life. You should always keep enough distance between you and your enemies. So don't stand around in the front, especially in team fights. Even with your high amount of damage output won't help you, if you get caught by the enemy crowd control.

Stay near your support and use your wave as a way, to shield yourself from enemy attacks. Try to inflict damage over longer distances, and just move forward if you're in a favorable position. Let your support also do some work.

4. Communicate With Your Support

We know, it's not always that easy to keep communicating with your teammates. But comms are the key for a successful play or gank. Use the wide variety of pings or the chat to explain your next moves.

A good support will help you to get the kills and controlling the lane and your opponents. Together you can dominate the lane and lay a good foundation for the later stages or even the victory.

5. Focus On Getting Stronger

As an ADC, your strength will increase while reaching the late game. So it's very important to focus on farming Gold and Experience Points (XP), to get your items and your needed level. Try to participate in team fights without overstepping or getting too near to your enemies. Your main task is to deal damage from a secure position behind your team.

And there you have it. Five easy things to do, to lay a solid foundation for a great future as ADC in League of Legends.

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