LoL: Soul Fighter Samira Gets Changes After Community Backlash

After heavy community backlash, Riot Games has announced to make some changes on the Soul Fighter Samira Ultimate skin. Read everything about it here.

The Ultimate skin for Samria will receive some adjustments | ©Riot Games

Great news for ADCs and Samira mains! Riot Games has listened to the community and announced changes to the Soul Fighter Samira "Ultimate Skin". Several graphical adjustments will be made based on the heavy backlash received.

Changes for Samira Ultimate Skin

Following the community backlash on the Soul Fighter Samira "Ultimate Skin", Riot Games has responded. As shared on the League of Legends Subreddit, the skin will undergo changes. This was also confirmed by Riot's QA Engineer "Bagel Socks" on Twitter.

The announced changes include:

  • All SF Samira-based damage will trigger unique damage numbers, while items and special buffs will still use base damage numbers.
  • The taunt threshold has been adjusted to: 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, & 18.
  • The Recall animation and Respawn now have added flair for more excitement.
  • Auto-attacks have been enhanced with additional visual effects for a more powerful feel.
  • Landing the killing blow on a minion will now trigger a special burst of flames and sparks.

PBE Bug & Feedback Thread - Soul Fighter Samira
by u/Bagel_Socks in LeaguePBE

It's reassuring to see Riot responding to community feedback and making adjustments to the skin to enhance its uniqueness. The new damage numbers and animations are expected to provide a more satisfying experience. We're curious to see how the "special burst of flames" will look.

It will be interesting to gauge the community's response to these changes and whether the backlash will diminish. Some players still criticize the high price of the Ultimate skin, and even with the adjustments, they believe it falls short of being worth it.

For instance, user "merogaming" expressed their viewpoint, which garnered many upvotes:

I would be willing to pay around 2500+ RP at best. It's good, but not enough to justify the price. Moreover, you are lowering the standards set by previous skins just to increase the price of this one. That's a terrible business practice.

Let's see if Riot Games considers adjusting their pricing policy for the Soul Fighter Samira skin. However, it seems highly unlikely.

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