LoL: Mages Are in a Terrible Spot Right Now! Pro Players Frustrated with Current Meta

With a multitude of changes this off-season, especially with new items, some League of Legends players think that mages are in the worst spot they've ever been in. Dplus KIA (formerly known as DAMWON KIA) mid laner ShowMaker had a lot to say about the state to mid lane on stream.

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League of Legends: Mages aren't having a good time right now according to pro players. | © Riot Games

It was only a week ago that Riot released their weakest season start trailer to date, with the whole thing blowing up and the company finally having to open up to the players, letting them know what has been going on behind the scenes for some time now.

But it seems that not all is fixed, not by a long shot. Even pro players are weighing in on their dissatisfaction of the state of the game with the GOAT Faker even speaking out against the state of solo queue and other pro players getting perma banned. Now the discussion has turned to the state of the mid lane and the champions.

League of Legends: DPlus KIA's ShowMaker Vents Frustration with Mid Lane Meta

ShowMaker seems to be having a pretty bad time in solo queue right now. A clip of him simply clapping and saying "Wow League of Legends Wow" went viral not too long ago when he was spectating his teammate get completely decimated by the newest champion K'Sante.

Now, the mid laner has once again voiced his dissatisfaction in the mid lane. This sentiment is echoed by former Fnatic mid laner Nemesis, who is now a streamer living in South Korea.

Both believe that the mid lane is in a dire state at the moment, with ShowMaker pointing out that mages have no way to reliably defend themselves from champions, nor do they have any survival skills in their kits. He points out that the newest LoL champion, K'Sante has two or three survival skills in his kit.

It's not just the champions themselves that are an issue though. It seems that itemization is also not where it should be for mages right now. With fighters and tanks receiving items with insane survivability and damage, while it feels like not a single mage item for mages is strong right now.

The changes at the start of the preseason, which made mid laners receive less gold seems to have also become an issue, meaning it'll take longer for mages to get going.

Nemesis seems to agree with what ShowMaker has pointed out, though he did add that there is hope with the 13.1 patch nerfing the tenacity rune. But is this enough to save the mid lane in the current state of League?

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