Riot Hotfixed Master Yi "Nerfs"

The most recent patch went live just a few days ago, and Riot had actually planned on nerfing Master Yi, but his win rate has only shot through the roof after the changes.

The Wuju warrior won't go down without a fight. | © Riot Games

The latest League of Legends Patch went live on March 2, 2022 and just as it hit the rift, the balance team will already be making changes. In Patch 12.5 Riot decided to nerf Master Yi, but it seems their nerf had the opposite effect.

Game designer Captain explained that the changes to Master Yi have had quite an impact on the current meta, but not the one the team had desired. So, there are some plans for a quick hotfix of Master Yi to hit the rift quite soon.

[Update Match 5, 2022]

Master Yi Hotfixed

With Master Yi being so dominant Riot has went to great lengths to quickly nerf his nerfs that were inadvertently buffs. Sounds confusing? Don't worry we've got all the stats for you right here.

Base Stats
  • Base health reduced from 599 ⇒ 550
Q - Alpha Strike
  • AD ratio reduced from (+60% AD) ⇒ (+50% AD)
  • Crit bonus damage reduced from +50% damage ⇒ +35% damage
  • On hit damage reduced from 100% ⇒ 75%, 25% ⇒ 18.75% for subsequent hits
E - Wuju Style
  • Base damage reduced from 30 to 62 ⇒ 30 to 58
  • Bonus AD ratio reduced from 35% AD ⇒ 30% AD
R - Highlander
  • Cooldown changed from 85 seconds at all ranks ⇒ 100 to 80

Master Yi's Win Rate Skyrockets After "Nerfs"

Riot Captain spoke of a 'meaningful buff' that Master Yi received in League of Legends Patch 12.5 and well... you just have to go onto any website to see how meaningful the buff was. With a win rate of over 55% in all elos! The closest champion to those numbers is Yorick who sits at 53%.

Now, you must be thinking – Master Yi, he's a bronze champion – but even in Platinum and Diamond this champ has got a win rate well over 50% after the so called 'nerfs'.

The whole point of the Master Yi changes was to cut his Q's synergy with lethality and ability haste items. To make up for that Riot has added on-hit scaling. The cooldown reduction of his Q is now scales with ability haste instead of decreasing per hit.

So, what does that mean? Building lethality on Master Yi isn't the way to go. Instead, players have chosen to build on-hit and that has catapulted into the S-Tier and made him one of the best champions in the game.

Riot has realized their mistakes and is reeling back from the huge increase of power. They haven't outlined what exactly they'll update on his kit, but once we know more we're going to update you with all the necessary information!