LoL MSI 2023: Bracket Stage Draw Greatly Disappoints NA vs EU Fans

LoL MSI 2023 is moving onto the Bracket Stage. The teams have been chosen, but for those of you hoping for some EU vs NA action, we've got some bad news...

MSI 2023 stadium
LoL MSI 2023: The Bracket Stage is set, but NA and EU fans are pretty disappointed. | © Riot Games

MSI 2023 is moving onto the Bracket Stage, but before we can watch the best teams worldwide face off, we had to know who is playing who, right? Right. Therefore, Riot held a draw show which would sort the remaining eight teams into the brackets.

This phase of the event will feature two double-elimination brackets with the final teams from each bracket meeting in the final, but for those who wanted to see some epic NA vs EU action... you're going to be greatly disappointed.

LoL MSI 2023: Bracket Separated LEC and LCS

Excel Esports top laner, Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu had the honor of pulling the teams for the brackets of the MSI 2023 Bracket Stage. The teams were put into three different Pools with the LCK and LPL first seed in Pool 1, LEC and LCS first seed in Pool 2 and the LCK second seed, along with the 3 teams from the MSI Play-In stage were in Pool 3.

The one side of the bracket features Gen.G and the MAD Lions, while the other has JDG and Cloud 9. It got interesting though once the teams from the pool started to get chosen. Teams from the same regions are not allowed to meet in the first round, which... makes sense.

But, teams from the same region can be in the same half of the bracket, which is where things get messy. Gen.G got paired with G2 Esports, while the MAD Lions will face T1.

This means the other half of the bracket will feature the two LPL representatives, JDG and BiliBili Gaming, and the two LCS teams, C9 and Golden Guardians. For any fans who want to see some NA vs EU action, you'll have to hope for a miracle since the only place for teams to meet will be the finals.

Sure, in 2019 the finals featured Team Liquid and G2 Esports, so it's not too much to hope for, but many do feel like having an LCS and LEC final is an uphill battle. Thankfully, this year will feature a loser's bracket as well so even if any of the EU and NA teams fail in the first round, they've always got a second chance for a miracle run to the MSI 2023 final.

Now how much money have you bet on an EU and NA final though?

Do you want to cheer on your favorite team? I've been donning my Cloud9 Puma hoodie in the office every single day since MSI kicked off. Gotta represent NA!

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