LoL Pre-Season 2022: Objective Bounty System

In the 2022 pre-season, Riot is introducing a new objective bounty system. We're going over how it works and which objectives are up for grabs.

In LoL Patch 11.23, the 2022 pre-season will hit live servers. The 2021 ranked season will be finished and players will have to prepare for a whole new rift inspired by the hit Netflix series Arcane.

New Dragons, new items and a busted new rune will go live, but one more thing is also going to make it onto the rift: A new way of clawing your way back into a game that looked long-lost. In 2022, a new bounty system will hit the rift – objective bounties.

What Are Objective Bounties?

Objective bounties refer to the new bounty system Riot has decided to introduce in the upcoming season. Until now, we’ve only had champion bounties, wherein champions that have many kills, assists and have impacted the game gain a bounty on their head.

When they’re killed, the champion who got the final hit will be rewarded with the bounty gold, thus being able to turn around the game. This same concept will now be coming to League of Legends, only with objectives, rather than other champions.

There are multiple objectives players will be able to take throughout the game to earn extra gold, such as drakes and towers.

How Are Objective Bounties Calculated?

There are four factors that are going to be taken into account when an objective bounty is calculated. These four factors are:

  • Experience Lead
  • Gold Lead
  • Dragon Lead
  • Turret Lead

Teams that are behind, will have a chance to make a comeback through the objective bounties. The game will calculate the difference of these factors, then give a 15-second warning before ‘spawning’ the bounty.

Both teams will be able to tell where the objective bounty lands, giving the team in the lead a chance to protect the bounty. This means that losing teams will have new objectives to play around and will be able to bait the other team into fighting situations they might want to avoid.

Elemental Dragon Ixtal
Get yourself that elemental drake! | © Riot Games

What Objective Bounties Exist?

There are multiple objective bounties Riot will implement throughout the 2022 pre-season and 2022 ranked season. These are the objectives teams will be able to receive a bounty for:

  • Dragon/Rift Herald: 500 Gold
  • Elder Drake/Baron: 500 Gold
  • Outer Turret: 250 Gold
  • Inner Turret: 400 Gold
  • Base Turret: 400 Gold

These bounties will have a 15-second lingering duration when falling off as well, but this can be extended if both teams are fighting for the objective at that moment. The gold won by the objective will be split between the team members.

When Will Objective Bounties Go Live?

They're currently being tested on the PBE servers, but hit live servers along with LoL Patch 11.23 which is set to go live on November 17, 2021. Along with all other pre-season content and new items, we will get to experience League of Legends in a whole new way.