LoL Preseason 2024: Start Date & Patch

League of Legends is going to change things up this year with a brand-new Preseason system. But, when can we expect the Preseason effects to change up the meta?

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LoL Preseason 2024: Riot have revealed the start time and date for the preseason this year. | © Riot Games

This year, Riot is doing things a little bit different from previous years. For this year's preseason 2024, Riot will host it almost entirely on the Public Beta Environment, instead of bringing changes to the live server over the Christmas break.

This is the first time they'll be doing this, as was revealed in a recent blog post. Through the post we also found out when the 2024 League of Legends preseason will take place. So, how long do you still have to make a PBE account?

LoL Preseason 2024: When Does The Preseason Start?

As just mentioned, preseason 2024 is going to look a little different from previous years. This time around, Riot will only hold the preseason on the PBE, while extending the ranked season all the way through until January, when LoL Season 14 is going to start.

The LoL Preseason 2024 is going to be added to the PBE on November 20, 2023. This is going to be the PBE for Patch 13.24, with LoL Patch 13.23 going live on November 21, 2023.

The PBE of Patch 13.24 and 14.1 – which should release on December 5, 2023 – will contain all the adjustments and changes Riot has planned for the 2024 League of Legends season.

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So, when is the end of the season? | © Riot Games

Then, along with a new ranked season, Riot is going to release everything new onto the live servers with Patch 14.1 which is set to come out on January 9, 2023.

So if you want to get a jump start on the competition, make sure to sign up for a PBE account so you can test out the new terrain changes, as well as other adjustments Riot has planned for LoL Season 14.

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