LoL: Riot Aiming For Changes To Obnoxious Top Laner, But Later Than Anticipated

One top lane champion has been dominating the meta, especially in pro play, throughout LoL Season 13, but it seems like Riot is reluctant to do anything about the champ ahead of Worlds 2023.

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LoL: One champion should get nerfed before Worlds 2023, but he won't be. | © Riot Games

There are some champions that define an entire season of professional League of Legends. Throughout 2022 that was none other than Zeri, who alongside Yuumi managed to overtake the game the moment she was released and playable in the pro-scene.

2023 had a similar case, with one champion defining an entire role, with everyone either drafting him, or trying to counter him when they didn't want him in their team comp. Who are we talking about? None other than our good friend K'Sante in the top lane – and sometimes even mid lane.

LoL Worlds 2023: No K'Sante Nerfs In Sight – Yet

K'Sante is probably the best top laner in the professional League of Legends scene. Throughout 2023, he's been one of the most sought after picks, also working as a great flex into the mid lane, if a team needed peel, a tank, or just someone to single out targets with ease.

K'Sante is an extremely mobile tank that also deals huge amounts of damage when using his ultimate, making him a very interesting pick that can go from frontline tank to bruiser, fighter in an instant.

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K'Sante Is An Important Champion Across All Leagues

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When is Riot finally going to nerf this champion? | © Riot Games

During the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational he was a key pick, with an 89% presence, earning a 58% win rate as well throughout the tournament. The only champion with a higher presence rate at the tournament was none other than Vi.

While his presence has gone down, he is still an extremely volatile pick when he is chosen. Throughout the LCK Summer playoffs, he's earned a 48% presence rate, which is far from the numbers at MSI 2023, but the win rate is still high at almost 60%.

In the LPL Summer playoffs K'Sante had a presence rate of almost 80% with a 48% win rate. The opposite of the LCK in terms of win rate and presence, but he was still a key pick throughout the playoffs.

LoL Worlds 2023: Will K'Sante Dominate?

Some fans are worried about the champions' presence at the 2023 League of Legends World Championship, but it seems Riot is less concerned. On a Reddit post, former League of Legends caster David "Phreak" Turley revealed that the team will not be nerfing the champion ahead of the World Championship.

Current plan is to ship K'Sante changes after Worlds. His pro presence has consistently trended downward across summer and is currently pretty reasonable at ~50% (0% in LEC on 13.15, which is kinda fake data). Plus there are several top lane buffs that have happened since then (some leagues aren't playing in post-changes Aatrox for example).

Therefore, the balance team will not be touching K'Sante ahead of the World Championship. There will still be an update to the champion, but players will have to wait until after the biggest esports tournament of the year.

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