Riot to Hike Up RP Prices

The world is changing... everything is getting more and more expensive and so will your skins in League of Legends due to RP increases.

RIP all of the skins I wanted to get... | © Riot Games

We are in an economic crisis and League of Legends players are going to feel the brunt of it as well. All those beautiful new skins coming soon? They won't be afforable anymore with the changes Riot is going to implement in the coming month.

Riot just released a news statement that they will be hiking up prices for Riot Points, the currency with which you buy cosmetics in League of Legends, as well as for TFT coins, which you can use to purchase goodies in TFT and the mobile version of the game.

Why Is RP Getting More Expensive?

In a blog post Riot explained that due to inflation and currency fluctuations, some regions will be getting price changes. North America and Europe are part of that large group that is going to have some new prices when purchasing Riot Points.

This is done to maintain fair prices between and within regions according to Riot Games. So, all of you who want to purchase a skin, then pick up your RP today before the prices are higher!

Which Regions Are Affected By the Price Changes?

As already mentioned, both Europe and North America will be hiking up their prices for RP. Brazil is also affected by these changes. In the blog post, Riot also stated that Tencent regions will account for these changes differently since their price structure is different. Garena regions, like Oceania will not have price updates at the current time according to Riot Games.

Normally, only certain regions have shifts in their prices, but due to a worldwide economic shift, a lot of regions have been hit by the price changes at the same time.

The Price Changes

Let's take a quick look at the changes in price Riot has announced for North America and Europe.

Price Changes Europe:

Old Price (EUR)Old Total CurrencyNew Price (EUR)New Total Currency

Price Changes UK:

Old Price (GBP)Old Total CurrencyNew Price (GBP)New Total Currency

Price Changes USA:

Old Price (USD)Old Total CurrencyNew Price (USD)New Total Currency

Price Changes Canada:

Old Price (CAD)Old Total CurrencyNew Price (CAD)New Total Currency

Most of these changes are around 10%. These changes might seem minor but they are pretty significant when you think of what you're spending money on, right?

When Will The Price Changes Go Into Effect?

The price changes will go into effect on August 19, 2022. Then, the new prices will be found online in the Riot shop when you want to purchase any RP for skins and other in-game cosmetics. This means if you want to get Prestige skins they'll be even more costly if you want to get chests to open.

Riot also changed the model to a $XX.99 model, like most other games. In the blog post they state this is for consistency across all games.