New Star Guardian Event Details Revealed

We've known about the upcoming Star Guardian event for a while, but now Riot has finally released some details for the event.
Star Guardian event header
It's finally happening! | © Riot Games

We have been waiting for this event for a while now, and finally, it's becoming a reality. Leaked skins galore have gotten us hyped for the continuation of the magical girl genre in League of Legends, and finally, we're getting new Star Guardian skins.

Riot has just released a short trailer, which brings us back to Valoran City where nostalgia hits hard, but what can we expect from the Star Guardian event and what skins are we going to receive? Let's check out the details we know thus far.

When Will the Star Guardian Event Take Place?

The Star Guardian Event is going to star on July 14, 2022 according to the official twitter post by Riot Games. This means that in League of Legends Patch 12.13 the event will start. Until then, you will have to finish your Ocean Song missions, just in case you want the Seraphine Prestige skin.

The 2022 Star Guardian Event will likely take place over a long period of time. Hopefully, we get more than just a few missions to complete to earn points, though it is highly unlikely that Riot is going to be re-releasing the Star Guardian in-game mode from 2017... though we wouldn't be opposed to it, right?

What Are the New Star Guardian Skins?

According to leakers, there will be a multitude of champions receiving skins throughout this event. Ekko, Caitlyn and Kai'Sa have all been names floating around for a while now, but there are a few other champions you wouldn't have imagined on the list, the biggest surprise being... Fiddlesticks? Yes, according to leakers the scarecrow will be a Star Guardian, or at least part of the universe.

ChampionSkin TypeCost
Star Guardian EkkoEpic1350 RP
Star Guardian Ekko PrestigeMythic125 ME
Star Guardian Kai'SaLegendary1820 RP
Star Guardian CaitlynEpic1350 RP
Star Guardian RellEpic1350 RP
Star Guardian SonaEpic1350 RP
Star Guardian AkaliLegendary1820 RP
Star Guardian MorganaEpic1350 RP
Star Guardian TaliyahEpic1350 RP
Star Guardian QuinnEpic1350 RP
Star Guardian NilahEpic1350 RP
Star Guardian Syndra Prestige EditionMythic125 ME/100 ME
Star Guardian FiddlesticksEpic1350 RP

Will Taliyah be getting another blue skin? Who knows, but we do hope she actually does get a Star Guardian skin, since she would fit the concept so well, surfing through the stars, right? Akali and Kai'Sa will be on the receiving end of legendary skins, with Kai'Sa already having her in-game model leaked months ago.

With so many champions receiving skins, the event is going to at least span over two patches. Two prestige skins will be released, as well as two legendaries, which Riot will likely split up, like they did with the High Noon event earlier this year.

Star Guardian Event Missions

Riot has not yet revealed the Star Guardian Event missions, but will likely do so in the coming weeks. Once we know how you'll be able to earn your prestige Ekko skin, if the leaks are correct, we will be sure to update this section, so you know just what you've got to do.