Vitality Get First Win in the LEC

Week 2 of the LCS started on Friday. Fnatic and Rogue continued their undefeated streaks, while Misfits Gaming and G2 Esports are just one win behind. Meanwhile, Team Vitality finally got on the board with a clean victory against Team BDS.

Odo 21011
Odo's joy from his 1000th kill in the LEC was palpable. | © Riot Games

The LEC spring season continued and week two promised us some pretty hyped-up matches. Friday would feature the face-off between 2021 rivals Rogue and MAD Lions, while Saturday would bring G2 Esports taking on their former superstar Luka "Perkz" Perković and Team Vitality.

Misfits Continue Winning Streak

Friday’s games started with a bout between Excel Esports and Misfits Gaming. Excel’s opportunistic early composition helped them get a small early advantage against Misfits Gaming, and with three dragons in 17 minutes, they were on point for an early hextech soul and a quick game. However, in the fight for the fourth drake Misfits executed a beautiful wombo combo that broke XL’s back, getting an ace and a Baron. The game was fully in their control from that point on and the second time they got the purple buff, they were easily able to end the game.

Zilean is Engage Support Now?

Fnatic and Astralis faced off in the next game. while the favorites had a strong start helped by Zdravets "Hylissang" Galabov’s aggressive Zilean engages, Astralis were able to stop the bleeding and, with the objective bounties working in their favor, kept close. Fnatic stayed a step ahead, but their unreliable engage and Astralis’ good poke slowed the game down. It took some 40 minutes for the game to finally break their way when a catch on Corki finally allowed Fnatic to push in the enemy base and take down the Nexus.

G2's Botlane Steps Up

G2 Esports wanted to regain their momentum after last week’s loss against MAD Lions, but SK Gaming did not make it easy. The two teams stayed within 2K gold for much of the game, although G2's better dragon control eventually proved crucial. 28 minutes in, the German team had to either contest or concede a mountain drake. However, a great Bard ultimate blunted the SK engage and G2 took over, getting four kills, the soul and - soon after - the Baron. That was all the advantage they needed, and they won the match in a decisive push two minutes later.

Is Vitality Back?

Team BDS took on the yet-winless Team Vitality next, but the superteam had a very different look from what we saw in Week 1. Perkz got an early double buff and the team won several early skirmishes. While the newcomers got some hits in, they were forced to contest the mountain soul from a poor position and it ended as four kills and the objective for Vitality. They had all the cards and several years later, they pushed in the enemy base and ended the game.

Rogue is Undefeated

The final game of the day was the big rivalry of 2021, with Rogue taking on the reigning LEC champions MAD Lions. This time, Rogue were off to a good start as Emil "Larssen" Larsson’s Victor and Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu’s Camille both got early kill. MAD had a moment of respite 23 minutes in after killing Odo, but they gambled it all on a Baron - only to lose the fight and the objective. Things continued getting worse for the champions until some ten minutes later they had to defend their base against a Rogue composition with mountain soul and Baron and that proved a bridge too far.

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The LEC continues on Saturday from 5 PM CET with a game between SK Gaming and Excel Esports.