Wild Rift Beta Review: How Cool Is Mobile LoL?

Wild rift beta test
We review the Wild Rift Beta. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

League of Legends finally enchants us with its mobile version: Wild Rift. We let the smartphone display glow and take a look at what Wild Rift really has to offer in the big early game test.

My fingers flit across the glowing surface of the phone. Wild Rift is loading... and there it is. After a simple tutorial, in which I am praised as "godlike" and we can start. Since I had neglected the popular MOBA on the PC lately, I'm quite excited to start my first Wild Rift match. The hero selection is easily done: ADC. Since there is only one champ available for each role at first, I choose Jinx. The other players also picked... and off we go!

Wild Rift Start
The Wild Rift Match begins, items can be purchased - and then it's off to the lane. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Controls in Wild Rift

A circle at the bottom left corner allows you to control your champ on the map, even without years of mobile or console experience. Don't worry dear PC veterans, it will be fine, even without a mouse and keyboard! Opposite the movement control circle is where you execute attacks, at the lower right of the display. There, you will also find your champ's abilities, which you can also execute or select quickly with a quick tap. For some of these abilities, you have to aim, by holding your finger on the ability, and then moving it in the desired direction. You practice this directly in the tutorial and then get to apply it in matches.

Everything is completely intuitive. The ability targets a nearby opponent with a short tap, even without having to aim that much. Nevertheless, aiming is still there, because opponents move and thus can evade your skill shot.

Wil Rift laning
Laning in Wild Rift - actually like in League of Legends. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Apart from that, there is not much to say about the control system. Well done, Riot! In our review, I hardly had any difficulties to move Jinx. Even summoner spells such as Flash can easily be selected and used from the lower right corner.

Buying items is also similar to LoL: Items suggested by the game are available for purchase directly in the base and can also be acquired with a tap.

Wild Rift Gameplay

Run, shoot, last hit, kill. Wild Rift not only looks like League of Legends, but it also plays like it. The role distribution from the top lane to the bottom is the same. It's the typical one top, one mid, two bottom, one jungle. You level up your skills, buy items, and get stronger. Everything is much faster though as the average duration of the matches was between 12 and 17 minutes. That's a blessing in contrast to the sometimes endlessly long PC-matches.

The mini-map at the top left shows the visible champs on the map as usual, and wards can be placed for more vision. The chat offers several examples that can be selected by clicking on them (top right). Here you can warn of danger or ask for help. In addition, on the right side, you can quickly ping to attack, ask for retreat, etc.

Team fights are as much fun as on PC. Positioning is everything and of course aiming. In addition, the map still has bushes, neutrals, dragon, and Baron Nashor.

Wild Rift Beta: Our Verdict

I'm very surprised by how easy it is to control the game. Initially, I expected I'd run in the wrong direction all the time or accidentally bump into enemies. Thankfully, none of that happened. In fact, the matches were very pleasant and playing allowed me to unlock new heroes! (Soraka and Miss Fortune, here I come!) Even if a match doesn't go well, the duration is much shorter than on PC so you get to start afresh quickly.

Wild Rift Esport
Wild Rift is free to play just like LoL so why not give it a shot? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Give it a try! From December 10 the Wild Rift Beta will finally be playable in Europe. Get it and fight together in the mobile rift. Since Wild Rift is free, you actually have nothing to lose except your corona lockdown boredom!

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Original article by EarlyGame's Tabea Schulz.