Worlds: EDward Gaming Win All-LPL Quarterfinal

EDward Gaming defeated LPL rivals Royal Never Give Up in a 3-2 slugfest to be the only Chinese representative in the Worlds semifinals.

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LPL Champion > MSI Champion. LPL > MSI confirmed? © Riot Games

After the all-LCK bout between T1 and Hanwha Life Esports, it was time for the last two Chinese teams to take the stage. EDward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up would face off in the second quarterfinal. Over their long history, RNG has gotten the best of their rival in almost all Bo5 series. Last summer it was EDG that came on top of the LPL, and RNG who ended up third, yet at Worlds it was Royal Never Give up who left the group as the first seed. Would the summer champions get their revenge on the biggest stage of all?

Game one started well for RNG, who got early kills and managed to reduce the danger of Viper. Their early objective control let them secure an early ocean soul. A near ace 28 minutes was all they needed to close out the game.

This was followed by a very bloody game two. EDward Gaming were much stronger in this game, punishing their opponents twice and having a clear kill lead in the early game, much of it going to Viper. Even when RNG found picks, they were unable to capitalize. Instead, an early baron and mid inhibitor resulted in over 9K lead for EDG, who equalized the series after a bloody fight in the RNG base.

The LPL champions showed their macro skills in the third game, using great cross-map plays to keep the gold close despite a poor start for their top laner. As the mid-game progressed, EDG remained in the lead, playing a careful game and giving their opponents few chances to back into the game. RNG tried to turn the game around at the baron, but twice jiejie stole it for his team and in the end, EDward Gaming’s gold lead and better scaling brought them to match point.

In the next game, however, RNG struck back. They exploded the gold lead with a delayed ace and the first turret 12 minutes in.This time, it was their turn to show off their macro play and have EDG dancing to their tune. A catch in the jungle 25 minutes in ended in a 3-0 and a Baron for RNG, who proceed to take over the game and bring us to Silver Scrapes.

The decider game began with a 2-1 for RNG, but EDG quickly struck back, equalizing the turrets and securing the first Rift Herald. A delayed ace for the champions just 15 minutes in sent RNG reeling. Now far behind in gold, they could not find an advantageous fight until a single death saw broke the floodgates and saw them routed in their own base.

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The quarterfinals continue with a showdown between DWG KIA and MAD Lions on Sunday. Meanwhile, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more LoL news!