New ADC Revealed: Zeri, The Spark Of Zaun

Zeri, the new League of Legends ADC, has been revealed. Here are all the details.

Zeri 0
New Zeri looking absolutely stunning! | © Riot Games

So, you know how we talked about what Riot will be up to in January, what skins will be released, what items to expect and so on? Throw it all in the trash can, because WE GOT NEWS! Out of nowhere, it seems, a new ADC hit the Rift. There has been a splash art leaked of a champion named Zeri. Oh boy, I didn’t know, Christmas is still ongoing.

Zeri was originally supposed to be revealed last year already, but with all the Arcane stuff going on, Riot decided that it would be a little too much for us to handle and postponed her release. We don't know when exactly Zeri will be playable just yet, but she will be the next champion to come out for sure.

What Do We Know About The New LoL Champion Zeri?

The splash art of the champion has been leaked this evening, and we can only work with the information we got so far. So sadly, it’s not much we know by now. But what we can say for sure, is that Zeri will be a bot lane champion. Judging by the information given on the Riot page, Zeri will operate using some kind of electrical gun.

Zeri looks like she has either an arm that is artificially augmented or just robotic. The splash art shows her ripping some guys in Zaun apart with a bit of shimmer at her side (maybe some Arcane hints, let’s see). Zeri also has a lot of electricity flowing around her body.

What’s interesting about her though is the text that is written on the official LoL website. It tells us about some electrical magic and her fast-lightning approach to life. So we are pretty sure that there will be dashes. Probably more than one.

The text also talks about her ego sometimes backfiring and her carrying the love of her family and her home into every fight. Rumor has it she might carry others (her support, maybe) into a fight no matter if they want to or not. Sounds like a fun SoloQueue champion, if you ask me.

Where Does Zeri Come From?

Zeri is a champion from the nation of Zaun. This heritage fits perfectly into what we suspected the champions will come from this year. With the two new dragons being a replica of Piltover of Zaun as well as Arcane still echoing through the rift, it was only logical for Riot to give us more Piltover and Zaun content.

Zeri is also related to Ekko. How that fits into that big chunk of lore we already got from Ekko last year is still an open question. You may have noticed some similarities to a so-called 'practical perfectionist' in Legends of Runeterra. Kind of looks like Zeri in her early years, doesn't she? That's probably what she looked like growing up with Ekko. I wonder if she will be able to clone things in League of Legends too...

When Is Zeri Going To Come Out?

Zeri's release is yet to be announced. But since the last champion came out roughly four months ago, this is the longest time period we had to wait for new champions like... ever. So we're sure it won't take long until Zeri hits the rift with the speed of lightning.

But we will keep you updated for sure. What do you think? Was there too little electricity on the rift before? Tell us on Facebook.