MIBR Cut Fer, TACO and Dead, Lose FalleN as a Result

FalleN announced his departure from MIBR hours after the news of fer, TACO and dead's dismissal. (Image credit: Dreamhack)

Brazilian CS:GO organization MIBR is going through unexpected turbulence. In the span of a few hours, the team split up with three of its players and its coach. Those departing the famed org are the Major-winning core of Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, Fernando "fer" Alvarenga and Epitacio "TACO" de Melo at the player level, and Ricardo "dead" Sinigaglia - the team's coach.

Winds Are Changing in MIBR

Brazilian CS:GO was rocked by the news that Made in Brazil are parting ways with players TACO and fer as well as coach dead following a string of tragic results in 2020. Dead's position was further hampered by the recent development that saw him banned from competitive CS:GO and MIBR stripped of all their Regional Major Ranking points after he was proven to have exploited a spectator bug to his side's advantage.

Fer himself had some trouble with the law, for much different reasons. He went through accusations of racism and was fined by MIBR for his actions on stream that made a lot of fans angry. He didn't learn his lesson and got involved in the same bowl of soup again less than a month later.

TACO... was just playing bad. In his statement, we find out that it was entirely the organization's decision to ax the trio and the players, including those that were not directly affected, had no idea the move was coming.

What MIBR did not account for, however, is how the remaining players might respond. Well, two of the three did not take it too well. Vito "kNgV" Giuseppe, who had been made captain during the team's most recent struggles, expressed his disagreement with the decision on Twitter almost immediately, stating that the constant roster changes are depleting the team's potential development.

The real bomb, however, was dropped by previous captain FalleN. The Brazilian legend went a step further than his teammate. Not only did he disagree with the organization, but benched himself in a manner of protest. The man who captained TACO and fer to a couple of CS:GO Majors made it clear that he would not have it and has no desire to continue playing for MIBR after the roster changes were announced.

This leaves MIBR with just two active players on the roster, one of whom publicly distraught, and no coach. The other remaining player - latest addition Alencar "⁠trk⁠" Rossato, is the only one to keep his silence at this time. It's unlikely that he or kNgV are going to go the FalleN way and straight up quit the team, but even then MIBR have somehow managed to scrape beyond the bottom they had already hit.

Our condolences go out to the passionate fans.

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