Chimeraland Codes (May 2023): Free Rewards

Want to get some free resources in Chimeraland? Check out this guide and learn about Chimeraland codes. Here are the ones for May 2023.

Chimeraland Codes
We collected all the active and expired codes in this article! | © Pixelsoft

Chimeraland is a real innovation in the gaming industry. The game is an open-world sandbox with vital RPG elements and mythical background that makes the game feels unique. Still, gathering resources cannot be avoided despite such a creative idea. It's necessary and probably the most tedious part of Chimeraland.

In this guide: learn about Chimeraland codes. Even though they won't make you a millionaire in a few seconds, codes can significantly speed up your in-game progression. Moreover, we update our code articles regularly to share only the actual codes with our readers.

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How To Redeem Codes In Chimeraland

Before continuing this guide with its most exciting part, let's learn how to redeem codes in Chimeraland. The process is straightforward, but some players report issues using codes in Chimeraland.

  1. Open Chimeraland.
  2. Once done, press the Perks button in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. From the Perks menu, head to events.
  4. Press the button Redeem CDKey.
  5. After that, head to the Redeeming Code menu.
  6. Insert code from this article into the particular text box.
  7. Press the button Confirm and get your rewards.
Chimeraland How To Redeem Codes
Here you can redeem Chimeraland codes and get your free rewards. | © Pixelsoft

Consider that some codes in Chimeraland don't work for the global version of this video game. Therefore, don't get surprised if you cannot activate them.

Chimeraland Active Codes (May 2023)

Are you looking for Chimeraland active codes? Check the list below and learn all the working codes for this video game.

  • 1A165WRXA - Use the code for Free Rewards (SEA version)

These codes are time-limited. Thus, try to redeem them as quickly as possible not to miss any rewards.

Chimeraland Expired Codes (May 2023)

Once you know the active codes, check the list below and learn about the expired ones.

  • 2023HAPPY
  • HAPPY2023
  • MORETO2022
  • DAX5JP1P
  • 7AG7QE0M
  • 4ALYMW55
  • 4AJ455EW
  • 4AK6C0WQ
  • MAC2W05P
  • MAD62HH0
  • MAE91W4Y
  • LAU21TV1
  • LAW61AF8

These codes have sometimes been working in the past. At the time of writing, they don't feature any rewards. Don't even waste your time trying to redeem expired codes.

Where Do You Find Chimeraland Codes?

If rewards from Chimeraland active codes are not enough for you, check out the following developer's social media accounts:

Here you can find the latest codes and information about all the upcoming Chimeraland events. Be sure following them is necessary for every player.

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