Crimson Desert: A Mixture of Skyrim and Shadow of Mordor

Crimson Desert
We'd like to already thank Pearl Abyss for creating such a masterpiece. (Image Credit: Pearl Abyss)

It is no secret that Japanese games are always top-notch, but Crimson Desert shows everyone that Korea does it just as well. What is this game that looks like a Bethesda game with fewer bugs and better graphics? Let’s take a closer look.

We got a first look at Crimson Desert at the Game Awards 2020 and... wow... we really hadn’t expected to see such a game that night. The graphics were overwhelmingly good, the fighting style extremely cool and no matter what kind of game you’re into, you somehow got flashbacks to all of them.

World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Shadow of Mordor, Ghost of Tsushima... this trailer of Crimson Desert picked out the best elements of all these games and more and turned it into one. It looks so bloody good and interesting that we wished we got more info on it.

As mentioned above, Crimson Desert is a game made in Korea and everyone knows how much Koreans love their video games. The passion that was poured into this game is so obvious, that it makes you love it just as much, even though you’ve only seen the trailer.

There isn’t much to go by other than the trailer and the developer breaking it down. However, we gathered from several Korean news sites that Crimson Desert will indeed have a single-player campaign. Naturally, a Korean game wouldn’t be a Korean game without it having a multiplayer aspect to it as well, but those of us who prefer single-player won’t be disappointed either.

싱글 플레이와 멀티플레이는 어떻게 구분되는가?

=맥더프의 여정 자체가 플레이어의 싱글 플레이 파트다. 그 안에서도 다른 도움을 받는 부분도 있지만, 큰 줄기는 그거라고 보면 된다. 이후에는 맥더프의 여정 이후를 다루는 플레이가 멀티플레이 파트가 된다. (via
How is single player and multiplayer different?

Lee Sungwoo

= McDuff's journey itself is the player's single player part. There are other parts to it, but in general, that's what it is. After that, McDuff's post-journey play becomes the multiplayer part.

As you can see, you will play as the main protagonist of the game, McDuff. This part will be the single-player campaign and everything that comes after, will be the multiplayer part. Know that you do NOT have to finish the single-player campaign in order to play multiplayer though. This will be accessible either way.

As for when the game will be released: According to Korean media it will arrive in the 4th quarter of 2021.

So we might have to wait another year for this game to come out, but rather them take their time and really make it as beautiful and breathtaking as it now looks. We don’t want Cyberpunk 2077 2.0, right?

We will keep you up-to-date on Crimson Desert and other cool games that come out in 2021. So if you don't want to miss any of those, stick around on EarlyGame.