Dead by Daylight 2021: Big Plans for the Horror Game!

18 abindingofkin key art 1
With the last DLC, Binding of Kin, a really mean killer joined DbD. (Credit: Behaviour Interactive)

The last year went pretty smoothly for Dead by Daylight. With four new DLCs/killers, of which three were great (sorry Behaviour, but The Blight was sh*t), players got a lot of content. On top of that, there were graphic updates and lots of polishing. But how will the game continue in 2021? Stay tuned to find out!

In a recent developer stream, the Canadian team behind DbD finally told us about their plans for 2021. After many map rebuilds, graphic improvements, and console ports, the game will naturally continue this path in the new year. For example, there was the promise of at least one more beauty treatment for the four-year-old game. There will also be a new HUD (thanks a lot!) and once again, the developers aim to improve the matchmaking system... Let's hope this will turn out better than last time!

The matchmaking has to be based on skill again to make it fair on all ranks. Or at least that's what Behaviour tried to do in the past, but sadly failed at. There were even more issues than before, and it happened more often than not that a clueless noob-killer found himself matched against 4 teabagging survivors that played together (even better if they had flashlights!). Sadly, that's what killed the fun for many players.

Dead by daylight hud
With the new HUD, you can see with one glance what the other survivors are doing (Credit: Dead by Daylight auf YouTube)

Movement animations are also receiving an upgrade to make the overall feel a lot more natural. There will also be a new icon that shows exactly how many times a player has been hooked already. Nice! How often do you forget about it, risk your life, and then die because of this? Too often if you ask me. The character portraits in the top left corner are another way of creating a better overview.

Sadly, one vital information got left out: When exactly will we see the new changes in game? Everything looks done and ready so far, but maybe it will take some time before we really get to experience the improvements. We also learned nothing about new killers, survivors or maps. After the last DLC that gave us a killer-duo instead of just one, many fans dream of a small killer on its own, like Chucky or Annabelle. Another idea would be a shapeshifter that could disguise himself as a survivor, or basically just more licensed killers from movies and tv-shows.

It's very nice to see that the developers don't get lazy over their achievements. Instead, they keep trying to improve the game with actually useful changes.

What do you think of their plans for 2021? Do you play Dead by Daylight or are you too much of a scaredy cat?


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