Hitman 3 Beginner's Guide: How to Become the Next James Bond

Hitman 3 sniper rifle
Hitman 3 has such a variety of levels and gameplay features that it is almost endlessly replayable! (Credit: IO Interactive)

Hitman 3 is here, and it is the perfect end to this trilogy of stellar games. Agent 47 has finished his journey in style, with IO Interactive opening 2021 with a bang! We may recommend Hitman 3, but have you played any of the previous titles? No? Well, fear not! That's why we’re going to introduce you to our top tips and tricks in this Beginner's Guide!

Hitman 3 is a "world of possibilities", according to EarlyGame's reviewer Tasho Tashev. That doesn't mean that you can properly take advantage of those possibilities, though, if you don't know what you're doing. We are going to jump right into this fantastic game, and give you a quick couple of tips to get yourself up to scratch for Hitman 3's excellent sandbox.

Hitman 3 Test
Hitman 3 is a stunning and brilliantly designed assassination game. (Credit: IO Interactive)

Do the Mission Stories

The first thing to keep in mind is that often it can be difficult to get to know a map, and with the unbelievably open nature of Hitman 3, it can often feel a little difficult to know what to do. Obviously, you're an assassin, so you ultimately need to assassinate someone, but what are the steps you should take to get to that point?

This is where the Mission Stories come in. Think of them like a guide, usually notified by an on-screen notice that will allow you to listen to an NPC. After that, your handler will explain the context, and you will get a collection of tasks that you can do – instructions for the level.

Hardcore players will likely ignore these, opting instead to look for clues themselves, and figure out each problem on their own. However, if you are a newcomer, this is the perfect starting point. Remember that you can also mark the Mission Stories from the moment you load into a level, so if you are lost, use this feature!

Get to Know the Intel and Inventory

Here we go, we'll be covering all of this in much, much, much more detail in future articles, so we will keep it short here! Intel is perfect for getting to know maps and targets better, unlocking new challenges, solve puzzles and open doors. They are vital to understanding the map, and vital for playing well and effectively.

In regards to inventory, that isn't really how Hitman 3 works. Instead, you need to think about the gear you collect, the disguises you don, and how you will best your opponents in creative, and often brutal ways. Get to know these items, get used to using them, and take in your environments closely to give yourself the best chance of success.

Save-Scum Your Little Heart Out

It might be unexpected to hear us say this, but seriously, save-scum as much as you want because it is a fantastic way to retry scenarios you may have f**ked up. Or even if you did perfectly well, it is a great way to jump back in and retry scenarios in new and creative ways. We cannot stress how great it is to use this little trick to get the most out of Hitman 3!

Hitman 3 verkleidung
Boy, oh boy, is Hitman 3 a work of absolute beauty from IO Interactive! (Credit: IO Interactive)

There is so much great content in Hitman 3, and tons of fantastic tips and tricks to help you out. This is certainly a great collection of these tricks, but it isn't the ultimate one. We will be back with more and more and more as we play through this great game time and time again. For now, let's get a-murdering!

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