Soulja Boy Announces a New Console. Scam 2.0?

Soulja Smile
Millon dollar smile for a million dollar console scam? (Credit: Fader Magazine)

The next-gen consoles of Sony and Microsoft are officially out, but getting one is still quite the challenge. Worry not as you'll soon be able to get a Soulja Boy console. Yep, it's happening. Again.

In order to make it all more clear, we'll have to also take a look at what happened in 2018.

What Was the Deal With Soulja Boy's First Console?

Rapper DeAndre Cortez Way better known as Soulja Boy has announced his plans for a new gaming console. This isn't the first time he's done that as some of you might remember the same thing happening in 2018. Things were rocky back then. It went something along the lines of: Soulja Boy bought cheap Chinese knockoff consoles, increased the prices and branded them as his own. To make it all better, the consoles were full of pirated video games. They were basically emulators.

The original prices for these products varied between $70 and $100 depending on whether it was the console or the handheld version. Soulja Boy, ever the businessman, offered them at a much higher price. Just a month after the official release in 2018, Cortez had to pull the consoles out of his store. Why? Lawsuits, lots of them. A fun fact is that just a day before that happened Soulja Boy tweeted:

"For anyone that thinks Nintendo is going to sue me... Nothings going to happen everything is legit. My console isn't going anywhere trust me"

Soulja Boy's new console

Soulja Boy announced that a new console is in the works earlier this month.

Today he reminded his fans one more time that it's actually happening.

Images of the new console were also found on Instagram along with a short video.

Unsurprisingly the majority of the comments are either making jokes about it or asking for their money. That's right, the people that were scammed in 2018 still haven't received a refund for their trouble, at least some of them.

No other details surrounding the next gaming console are clear, but let's say a lot of people learned their lesson back in 2018. We won't be too surprised if another lawsuit drops shortly after the release of the "new console". Let's see who falls for it this time.

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