Finally! Valheim Goes First-Person!

Finally valheim goes first person
That’s MY neck of the woods! (Credit: NexusMods)

Valheim could be third-person, early access, and just a small title, but none of these things is stopping modders from running wild! A new fan mod on the NexusMods website allows you to play Valheim entirely in first-person perspective and while the game does not officially support this, it works great!

You don’t need us to introduce Valheim at this point - it’s new, it’s hot, it’s great, it has 3 million players, and it’s its graphics are so ugly they’re beautiful! Speaking of beauty, now you can marvel at trees, trolls, and torches from the perspective of your own Viking! The mod simply titled “First Person View” allows you to do everything - build, sail, dig, you name it! Combat is a bit challenging (especially using a shield), but if you struggle with anything at all, you can simply zoom out with your mouse scroll and revert back to the game’s original, overt-the-shoulder camera position. If you thought zooming out the map to reveal the entire planet was cool, wait until you see this mod in action!

How to Get the Valheim First Person Mod?

If you decide to give it a try (and you should!) there are three steps you need to take.

  1. Install BepInExPack Valheim first

  2. Install First Person View second

  3. Put the CameraMod.dll file in the plugins folder (...steamapps\common\Valheim\BepInEx\plugins\)

The game is so new and yet there are tons of free updates made by a passionate community. It’s refreshing to see so much hype for a tiny game that’s genuinely amazing, and we’re curious to see what other modifications will pop up in the following weeks.

Good luck out there and may the gods smile upon you!

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