First Cyberpunk Story DLC To Be Revealed This Week

For the first time Cyberpunk will be getting new content, and not just more big fixes. Apparently this first DLC will be revealed this at Gamescom.

Cyberpunk DLC
We... aren't too hopeful about the Cyberpunk DLC. | © CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk is finally getting new content. Not bug-fixes, or stability updates. Nope, new actual content. We don't yet know if they're going to expand the city or simply add more quests, but we can tell you when we expect to see the new content revealed, and it's very soon! So, let's get into those juicy deets.

Cyberpunk DLC Rumored To Be Revealed At Gamescom

As first reported by gagadget, "Cyberpunk 2077 will get the first add-on, and the announcement of the latter will take place next week". This was based off CDPR's Twitter, which asked in German "When is the expansion for Cyberpunk 2077?". Now, the only big showcase happening this week is in which country? You guessed it, Germany! Yep, Gamescom 2022 will begin on Tuesday, August 23. The perfect event for them to showcase the new Cyberpunk DLC. Let's just hope they aren't relying on the same Q&A company that they blamed for the game's initial catastrophe...

If you're interested in Cyberpunk then you should check it out on the night, we'll be covering everything live over on our Gaming hub, and we're expecting quite a few different announcements. We're most excited to hear more about Hogwarts Legacy, and the upcoming Gollum game, but what would you love to see?

Cyberpunk may have been a terrible game, but it could make a great TV show!