This Game Will "Do What Cyberpunk 2077 Couldn't"

Deus Ex seems to be due for a comeback, and is direclty coming at competitor Cyberpunk.

New deus ex game
I'm here for it. | © Jacek Radwan, Artstation

So, I loved Deus Ex back in the day - from the first one to the latest one, and Cyberpunk 2077 has done nothing to convince me that it is the king of the genre. In fact, I didn't even finish Cybepunk 2077, and am upset that I was silly enough to buy it on day one, but... such is the devotion of a fan of the genre. Ever since Cyberpunk left us hanging, many have been hoping for a triumphant, open-world return of the Deus Ex franchise, and now it seems that wish is becoming reality.

Eidos Is Working on a New Deus Ex Game

In his podcast, Jeff Grubb mentioned that he knows Eidos wants Deus Ex to make a grand comeback, and they aim for the upcoming entry to do "what Cyberpunk 2077 couldn't". A direct declaration of war - I love it. .

Unfortunately that's all we know for now, but if we connect the dots between this and a Deus Ex voice actor claiming he's working on Triple-A game, then all signs definitely point towards a new Deus Ex. Of course, whenver you have to connect the dots, a game is usually still far away, so at this point, our excitement is best met with patience. Rest assured though: Cyberpunk 2077, you never took the throne, you're just keeping it warm.