Keanu Reeves Anime Is Coming to Netflix

Keanue Reeves' comic BRZRKR is getting an anime adaption that is coming to Netflix soon. All the deets below.

Brzrkr keanu reeves anime netflix
Keanu is taking over anime. | © BRZRKR

Oh, Keanu. You know how to play a crowd. The nerd-culture loves you, so you became the figurehead for Cyberpunk, and whilst the game got caught up in a shitstorm worse than what happened to the Matrix, you, somehow, remained the knight in shining armor: Everybody still loves Johnny Silverhand. And, hey, I'm guilty too - I love Keanu, as does my girlfriend, and... with his life-story he deserves all that love, though I'm sure the millions help too.

Few people knew when Keanu Reeves released a comic called BRZRKR, since... it's 'just' a comic. Now, though, the Reeves' star continues to rise, as Netflix has picked up the license and is turning the comic into an anime, and if you haven't read BRZRKR yet... well, you're in for a beauty.

BRZRKR Is Getting an Anime

If you're familiar with Ghost in the Shell and Eden of the East, then you're familiar with the studio that is going to put BRZRKR into motion: Production I.G. Specifically, they are hired to deliver two BRZRKR season of an unknown episode count to Netflix.

BRZRKR was written by Keanu and others, and drawn by Ron Garney, and it tells the story of B - an immortal demigod that had 80k years to perfect the art of killing. Now, he's an agent for the modern-day US, and is on a quest to end his immortal life. Sounds good, right? Also sounds so like Keanu Reeves, and of course Keanu will voice B, as well as portray him in the live-action movie that's also in the making. Yup, that's right, Netflix is also working on a live-action movie adaption for BRZRKR, but that's old news, and we know nothing new beyond that it's still happening.