Open-World Dune Game, Announcement Coming Soon

We're starting to get the first teases and leaks regarding an upcoming Dune game. One leaker in particular is leaving a lot of cryptic clues for us...

Dune Open World
Will it have a full skill-tree like this one from AC? | © Legendary Pictures / Ubisoft

What are some of the best franchises for games? There are tons that come to mind. Just this year, for instance, we're getting an ambitious new game in the Harry Potter universe and a very original game set in Middle Earth. But what about Dune? Where are all the video games set on Arrakis?

There should be hundreds, the world of Dune is almost perfect for video-game adaptations, and yet there are only a small handful, and none of them are recent or very noticeable. Thankfully, that's changing. A new Dune game is coming, and a big announcement is expected soon.

Leaker Cryptically Reveals Dune Game

This news comes from a particularly annoying leaker (they make Tom Henderson look like god's gift to the industry). They go by the name "The Snitch", and always likes to reveal their leaks through cringy puzzles and such. In their latest puzzle, the Snitch posted an edited picture of the Dune universe to Twitter, which heavily implies that big news about a Dune game is coming soon:

We're pretty much convinced that The Snitch is referencing Funcom's Dune MMO game, which is being kept hush-hush right now. All that's publically known so far comes from their job descriptions, but based on this recent tweet, we think the Snitch is going to start revealing more info on their behalf. Or, the studio themselves are about to make a huge announcement.

This news is still breaking, but we'll keep you updated as it develops.

What do you think? As exciting as the new Lord of the Rings RPG? Or is this doomed to failure like Sony right now?

Speaking of great stories becoming great games...