Experts Think Sony Have A Security Breach, More Big Titles Leaked

We've recently had tons of leaks regarding Sony games, way more than we can normally expect. We've even had news about their biggest titles like God of War and The Last of Us, and experts are starting to suspect it's because Sony have a mole...

Sony security breach
Is someone on the inside sharing all these leaks? | © Sony / Wikipedia

If you keep an ear to the ground on gaming news then this headline will be no surprise. There have been dozens of leaks recently, and they all concern Sony's biggest games. The sheer quantity of new intel we're getting through back-channels is like nothing we've seen before, and experts are starting to suspect foul-play...

Massive Sony Leaks In Recent Month

We've had far more Sony leaks recently than we've ever had before. This industry lives and dies by rumor, but there's an accepted amount that we're used to. Yet, we've been getting more leaks out of Sony in the last couple of months than we could ever have dreamed off, so much so that they've had to come out and correct or confirm things via the official channels. Not a good look.

Here are just some of the leaks we've been given recently:

  • God of War Ragnarök: The new God of War is sure to perform well, and its development was supposed to be a closely guarded secret. But boy oh boy, we've been getting a near-constant supply of leaked info. Most recently, we learned about the bloody release date from leakers.
  • The Last of Us Part 1 Remake: All sorts of details have emerged about this project. Through unofficial channels, we've had gameplay details, screenshots and even in-game footage. This one in particular has to be concerning for the Sony execs; who's been providing the footage?
  • Factions 2: This is the standalone PvP game that should have been part of The Last of Us Part 2. Unfortunately, Naughty Dog lacked the expertise in-house to get it completed, but it's in development now. Someone was able to leak key details about the game's development, and now we know it's going to be kind of like a battle royale.

Consider how well publishers like Riot and Activision can keep massive projects hidden, and Sony don't even get to reveal new release dates for themselves.

We're not complaining about leaks, just check out how much info we've got about TLOU recently...

Experts Suspect Sony Have A Security Breach

On a recent episode of the XboxEra podcast, Speshal Nick revealed that leakers had been approaching him with so much Sony intel that he was starting to suspect a major security breach. He spoke about how much stuff was leaking from Sony, and how much the leaker's middlemen were offering him. Co-host Jeff Gurbb seemed to agree with this suspicion:

Speshal Nick: One thing I will say... Sony might have a bit of an issue... I think they have a bit of a security problem, I've been getting offers for more stuff, "do you want this stuff, and do you want this stuff?" And I'm like "how much is there?!"
Jeff Grubb: Yeah...all this stuff has happened recently too, so obviously someone got hold of something in the last month or two

They're both right, so much has been leaking in the last month, it seems like the only logical explanation. But what could it be, a hacker who found their way in? A mole working from the inside? Or something else?

We'll update you as this story develops. Until then, keep enjoying all these wild Sony leaks!