Last of Us 1 Remake: Even More Screenshots & Gameplay Footage Leaked

New screenshots have leaked which show us a little more of the Last of Us Part 1 remake. It looks truly remarkable on modern consoles, but it isn't coming with all the added features we wanted. Let's just pray they don't touch the story...

Last of Us 1 Remake Leaked
Will the Last of Us Part 1 Remake be the best selling PlayStation exclusive so far? | © Naughty Dog

The most exciting project for Naughty Dog right now isn't the standalone multiplayer game (which feels years away from release), nope, it's the remake of the Last of Us Part 1. This could be the kind of remake which sees of hundreds of thousands of fans pick up PS5s. But it will need to look brilliant and come with some serious gameplay improvements. If recent leaks are to be believed, however, the remake will only improve the graphical and audio quality, without adding new features. Here are disappointing details we recently heard about the Last of Us Part 1 remake.

Last of Us Part 1 Gameplay Leaked

A few hours after we first published this article, actual gameplay footage was leaked. This footage was first shared by @Shpeshal_Nick:

It's an iconic moment from TLOU 1's campaign, and it looks phenomenal with these updated graphics. But as we discuss below, we wanted gameplay upgrades and new features, not simply a graphics overhaul.

Last of Us Part 1 Screenshots Leaked

Screenshots of the Last of Us Part 1 remake emerged on the Resetera forums just hours ago, the leaker also mentioned several details about this exciting new game.


Even more screenshots of the Last of Us Part 1 remake leaked on Reddit. They again confirm the impression, that the remake will look really great. But read on for more details that were revealed ahead of the upcoming release.


The game does look incredible in the pictures, but the details the leaker shared were disappointing.

Although the screenshots will be taken down imminently, we can share with you what the original poster claimed about the Last of Us Part 1's improvements:

  • There are no gameplay improvements.
  • Most improvements are focused on animations and audio.
  • The game supports VRR, 4K40 FPS (Gameplay Mode) & 4K60Fps (Dynamic Mode).
  • The game will feature an array of new accessibility options as seen in The Last of Us: Part II, additionally when Joel upgrades a weapon you'll now see him add attachments.

We're not going to lie, that is hugely disappointing. But if it comes with an updated Factions mode, that might quench our thirst until Factions 2 is released.

When Is the Last Of Us Part 1 Released?

The Last of Us Part 1 remake will release on September 2, 2022. You can read all about the official reveal of the release date right here.

So whether you were hoping for gameplay upgrades or not, you can play it yourself very soon. Who knows, maybe a graphical upgrade is all this game needs to warrant another playthrough?