Last of Us & Days Gone Devs Working on New Survival Game

The Last of Us devs and Days Gone devs are getting together to work on an epic survival game. Here's what you need to know.

Ashfall the last of us days gone
Lots of grey, brown... washed out... yup, it's a zombie game. | © Ashfall

What do you think of, when you think about The Last of Us and Days Gone? Zombies. Duh. The Last of Us didn't start the zombie trend, but it made it AAA gaming material, elevating it from its previous looter-shooter-only days. What followed were many games - Days Gone being one of them - that took the serious approach to zombies to heart, and aimed to deliver AAA-storytelling of their own. Now, big daddy The Last of Us and padawan Days Gone are getting together to create a brand-new survival game... and you know it's gonna have zombies.

The Last of Us & Days Gone Devs Working on Zombie Game

To be fair, The Last of Us and Days Gone do differ quite a bit: The Last of Us is linear, and Days Gone is an open-world game. The Last of Us is really good, while Days Gone is... meh. Still, if we were to imagine The Last of Us set in an open world like Days Gone... yeah, there are merits to this marriage, and it seems like we're about the reap them. Aside from Valheim, and V Rising, it seems like a new survival game is vying for our hearts.

Devs from each game have now formed Liithos studio, and announced their first game: Ashfall.

Ashfall will have players fighting to survive a world scarred by global warming, the ignited volcanic Ring-of-Fire, mysterious and disruptive energy fields, and warring enclaves, beginning as a connected Single Player adventure that will evolve into a Multiplayer PVP & PVE cinematic transmedia world.

A single player adventure that turns into multiplayer, PvP, PvE and cinematic transmedia world? Honestly, I don't know what transmedia means, but I'm guessing Ashfall will come to TV and the silver screen as well, and I gotta say: That sounds insane. But I like it.

If you like that too, then get ready for the downer: Ashfall will use cryptocurrency. Yup. Sucks. In fact, the game is being marketed as the first true "Web 3.0 AAA title for the PC, console and the Hedera network." Whatever that Hedera thing is...

Our goal is to create a truly next-gen, open world experience that engages with new technologies to allow user-generated content. As always, our focus is on creating beloved characters, captivating stories and evolutionary gameplay and a world worth exploring, not just in games, but other media as well.

You had me at 'The Last of Us devs and Days Gone devs walk into a bar...' - you lost me at crypto. But still, with such a strong dev lineup, the game deserves the benefit of the doubt, so... time will tell...