Want a God of War & The Last of Us Crossover? Here You Go

Two of Sony's greatest are crossing over: God of War and The Last of Us.
God of war the last of us
The Mod we've all been waiting for. | © ShaunsArtHouse, DeviantArt

Sony's big boys are crossing swords: God of War and The Last of Us are crossing over, except... not on a Sony system. Ever since God of War came to be PC, modders have been all over the game: The Master Chief even made it to God of War, amongst other mods. Now, The Last of Us joins the frenzy: Joel and Ellie enter the Northern mythology.

God of War The Last of Us Mod

As is the case with all mods, this one is courtesy of some talented gamers that are taking their passion to te next level and taking the game into their own hands. The moder responsible for bringing Joel and Ellie to God of War is YouTuber OmegaFantasy, and he swapped out Kratos and Atreus for Joel and Ellie:

What makes this mod better than some of the other God of War mods is that this one actually makes a lot of sense: Joel as the dad and Ellie as the archer? Yup, sounds familiar. Additionally, the mod replaces The Stranger with David, which gives it a whole new meaning.

If all of that sounds interesting to you, then you can download OmegaFantasy's mod for free on his Patreon, and you can watch what it looks like in action on his YouTube channel. In fact, OmegaFantasy is the same modder that brought The Simpsons to God of War - if that's more your cup of tea.