God of War Is Now the Best Simpsons Game Ever

So, modders did what modders do, and turned God of War into The Simpsons, because... of course.
God of war simpsons
Listen, boy... | © God of War

Listen, when it was clear that God of War would be coming to PC, we just knew that we would be getting all kinds of weird, and all kinds of awesome content. Like, I'm here for all the anime mods that made their way to God of War, because, essentially they allow you to live out all your violent fantasies with the character of your choice. A bit on the weirder side though, is this latest God of War mod:

God of War with The Simpsons

This mod comes our way courtesy of OmegaFactory, who replaced the original father-son duo with The Simpsons father-son duo. Beyond just that, though, this mod adds new dialogue, along with voiceovers, turning the dark tone of God of War into... a Simpsons episode.

With The Stranger being replaced by Ned Flanders, this mod has everything my Simpsons-loving heart desires. What's more, Flanders comes with actual Ned Flanders lines, like "repent your sins", and newly appointed God of War Homer will quip back with "go back to church, loser". I love it.

Of curse, all this Simpsons goodness is only available on PC, where games can naturally be modded to hell and back. Sadly, the consoles will never get to witness Homer as the God of War, but they will get their hands on God of War Ragnarok that much sooner.