Sony Dev: Unannounced Game Bigger Than God of War Releasing This Year

A PlayStation developer promises that we still have a lot of unannounced PS5 bangers to look forward to in 2022.

New PS5 games coming in 2022
Not the new game, but maybe... something along those lines? | © Bona, Artstation

God of War Ragnarok is easily the most anticipated PS5 game of the year, and, by all accounts and purposes, we also expect it to be the biggest release. Well... now, a PlayStation Studios developer has revealed that he is working on several massive projects, one of which he claims to be "equally as cool" as God of War. In fact, he claims that the projects in question have been in development for "3-5 years" and that "PlayStation has some bangers coming out this year."

Sadly, though unsurprisingly, the announcement comes without a name, nor any sort of hint. Many are thinking that the projects in question could be related to Naughty Dog, since the company has both the The Last of Us Remake and an unknown fantasy game rumored to be in development. Also, outside of Naughty Dog, there are few PlayStation studios that could match a game like God of War Ragnarok.

The most interesting tidbit of information here is probably the fact that the games have already been in development long enough to be released this year, and that none of them (and remember, we're talking plural here), have been announced thus far, even though we're aready well into April. It's unlike Sony to announce a game on the level of God of War, with a release being so close at hand, but hey... you won't hear me complaining. And if Morrison's job was to get us hyped... mission accomplished. I'm assuming that him tweeting this tease is not an accident, so it is likely we will get some official confirmation soon.