You Can Now Have Kratos Fight Master Chief in God of War

Modders keep making the impossible possible, and now they're serving up Master Chief to Kratos.
Kratos master chief god of war
My money is on the bald guy. | © God of War

So not too long ago, somebody turned God of War into The Simpsons - voice acting and all. Now, somebody else said "hold my beer", and upped the ante, by modding the Master Chief into God of War. Specifically, Master Chief takes the role of The Stranger, so, in essence, God of War now includes the most epic battle of protagonists in video game history.

Since the mod replaces The Stranger with Master Chief, the Chief doesn't bring his usual arsenal of weapons with him, so for this one he has to slug it out with Kratos in hand-to-hand combat.

Now, let's take this moment to envision a world, where occurences like this would be commonplace. A world, where all the game's protagonists, and all the movie and TV main characters, can happily co-exist and battle each other. Oh, wait... that world exists and it's called Fortnite. Yup, Fortnite is, in essence, the winter-wonderland of gaming, and they're slandering it on battle royale gameplay, that's revolving around building and shooting.

I, for one, still dream of a Ready Player One world, where we can mix-and-match gameplay and characters, so mods like this one are always welcome, as they bring that fantasy one step close. Major caveat though: This is only possible on PC, no Kratos vs Master Chief on Xbox or PlayStation. Sorry.