Sony Is Working on a New PS5 Controller

Sony is working on a "pro" controller for the PS5, that's aiming to be a professional controller for the... sweaty gamer.
Ps5 pro controller hunt
The true design is still under wraps, but I vote for this... | © PaulBatt via DeviantArt

A professional gaming controller for the PS5? At first I was like... for real? Then, pondering on it a little, I rembered that gaming is more tryhard than fun these days, so with that in mind, this 'pro' controller actually makes a lot of sense... and it will probably make a lot of dough too.

PS5 Is Getting a Pro Controller

For now, the codename for the PS5 Pro controller is 'Hunt', which has me thinking why they're actually bothering with a name. Just call it PS5 Pro Controller, or Hunt, and be done with it. No one's getting this for the name - we're in it for the features, and those are removable analog sticks, trigger stops, and rear buttons.Yes, rear buttons, sweaty shooter and FGC fans are already trembling (me, btw).

As any good leak should, this one came with pictures, but they're not allowed to be shared, so you'll have to trust me on this one: There are some changes between the new PS5 controller and the old one, most notably the button allowing you to remove the sticks. Likely this feature will enable you to set your deadzones and analog sensitivity to a T, and also... fixing stick drift will be a breeze.

Side-grips, and the back-button finish off the new design, which doesnt have a date for an official reveal, and much less anything resembling a release date. Seeing as how Street Fighter 6 was recently announced, that's one game release that comes to mind, which would pair well with a professional controller.