Phasmophobia: Apocalypse Update With 3 Maps And Major Game Changes - Patch Notes & First Look Now Available

Phasmophobia will get a major update, that will completely change the game. It will include several new maps, a new lobby and so much more! Here is everything we know so far.

Phasmophobia: The Apocalypse Update brings some exciting changes into the game. | © Kinetic Games

Today, Kinetic Games released the trailer for the upcoming Apocalypse update, and let me tell you, it is AMAZING! We will not only get several new maps, but also a new lobby, new shop, collectables and so much more! The apocalypse update is definitely the biggest update that Phasmophobia has ever seen. This is what we know so far:

Phasmophobia Update: Upcoming Changes

The Asylum Map will be gone

Yep, you read it right. After the update, the Asylum will be gone. Instead, we will get a reworked version of the Asylum, that will be very different. The Asylum as we know it is very bland, there are several rooms, that just look like they have been copy-pasted over the whole map. The new version, the Sunny Meadows Mental Institution, will be way more compressed and interesting.

Phasmophomia asylum
An Asylum Remake | © Kinetic Games

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But there is more, there will also be a separate map in the new Asylum, Sunny Meadows - Restricted. This area is a corridor with 5 restricted rooms, which is basically 5 new maps in 1. How cool is that?

Custom Difficulty Will Change Phasmophobia

One thing that excites me the most about the upcoming update is that we will be able to customize the game in whatever way we want. Meaning, we can change the hunt duration, Interaction Amount, Ghost Speed, Player Speed, and so much more. With that new feature, we can basically create our own game.

By the way, the trailer shows us that it will be possible to possess all the cursed objects at once, which is crazy! Just imagine what we could do with that...

New Campsite

There will be a new campsite available that looks totally different from the original, and we're pleased to say, it looks dope.

Phasmophobia campsite
This is what the new Campsite will look like | © Kinetic Games

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What Else Can We Expect?

In the update trailer, Kinetic Games basically bombarded us with new information. This new update is huge! Here is everything else that will come with the Apocalypse Update on September 27th.

  • New main menu
  • New lobby room
  • New shop
  • Equipment Loadouts
  • Ghost Adjustments
  • ID cards
  • Collectables
  • Report system
  • New fuse box
  • Player stats
  • New interactables
  • New sounds

First Look Into The Gameplay

A few streamers and YouTubers already got early access to the game, which is why we have the chance to get a few first glimpses into the new update beforehand. YouTuber and Twitch streamer "FlashForce" made a Video exploring the new Sunny Meadows Mental Institution map, and let me tell you... It does NOT disappoint! The map has a completely different vibe now, and without spoiling anything... Sunny Meadows might be the most terrifying map in Phasmophobia...

If you'd like to get spoiled, feel free to check out FlashForce's video of him playing the new update:

Patch Notes Highlights

Some of these players have also revealed the patch notes for the big Apocalype update. When the Update releases on September 27, players will be able to customize the difficulty to their needs, and with higher difficulty comes a higher multiplier. You'll be able to customize the rules for the players, the contract in general and also for the ghost. Player customization includes things like "sprint duration" or whether you'll lose your items after dying. For the ghost, you can customize options like "hunt duration" or to have a friendly ghost, you can even disable hunting completely.

New Locations In Phasmophobia

The new Update will include several new Maps. Here is a list of all the locations, coming in the Apocalypse Update tomorrow:

  • Sunny Meadows Mental Institution
  • Sunny Meadows Mental Institution - RESTRICTED
  • Camp Woodwind

Ghost Changes

The new update is supposed to make ghost interactions more impactful. Ghost-throws will be a lot more powerful and noticeable now. Kinetic Games also tweaked some of the Ghost types, here is a list of the changes:

  • Poltergeist (buffed throwing power)
  • Oni (buffed sanity drain during ghost events)
  • Demon (buffed: will hunt over 70% sanity more often)
  • Jinn (nerfed: sanity drain only if in the same room or within 3m of the ghost

New Features

A lot of new things, will be added to the game, here is a list of all confirmed new features:

  • New base office
  • Player ID Cards
  • Detailed statistics
  • "Recent Players" tab in the journal
  • Weekly Challenges
  • New investigation board in the truck
  • Collectables (cursed items and bones)
  • Creating loadouts for equipment

We are super hyped for the new update on September 27th and can't wait to play it. If you'd like to see all the patch notes, check out this video by "Nuzzgard", who is going through all of them step by step: