Steam Topsellers: Stray Dethroned - This Is The New #1

Stray had been smashing the Steam charts for all products globally, but now it's starting to slip. Not because Stray isn't fantastic, but because folks are more interested in getting a hand-held to play it on...

Stray Cat dethroned
How dare they! | © Annapurna Interactive

Have you played Stray yet? If not, then just go away and play it first (our review should explain why, plus, it is free this week). Right, now you've gone and played Stray, and we don't doubt you threw some good mods on towards the end, we can talk about what just became more popular than this masterpiece.

Stray wasn't knocked off the Steam best-selling charts by a game, oh no, it was replaced by the Steam Deck. Stray is still really highly up in the charts, but it's still being outsold by the new handheld from Valve. So why is this thing doing so well? And should you get one?

Stray Dethroned In Charts By The Steam Deck

As you'll see for yourself when you visit the Steam top seller list this week, Stray has finally been overtaken by none other than Valve's own Steam Deck. This little device boasts all the power of a PC, but it comes in a Switch-sized package. And it's fairly cheap considering the hardware under the hood, so we really aren't surprised to see it still doing well.

Now, don't be mistaken. The Steam Deck is still a relatively small player in the console wars, but it certainly hasn't been a flop. We were very impressed with our Steam Deck at the office, and can only recommend one if you're in to handheld gaming. Just make sure to avoid this piece of trash.

If you're more of a Nintendo Switch than Steam Deck person, then we've got good news for you...