Valorant Movie Releasing In 2025 According To Leaks

According to rumors, a Valorant movie is already in the making and supposed to release in 2025. Let's see what we know and if this leak can be trusted.

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We might soon get to see an actual Valorant movie. | © Riot Games

So apparently the popular shooter Valorant from Riot Games is supposed to get its own movie. Surprising? Not really, we already got Arcane, a Netflix show based on League of Legends and we also heard rumors about a full League of Legends movie. So Riot Games apparently is no stranger to bringing their video games to the big screen, or at least your TV.

But let's take a look at what exactly was leaked and what we know about the new Valorant movie.

Valorant Movie In The Making

Just recently, a leaker called KLaboratories reported on Twitter (or X) that apparently there is already a Valorant movie in the works. According to him, the movie is in development in China and is being made by Tencent and Riot Games. In his tweet, he also mentioned that the Valorant movie will be different to Arcane and the animation is supposed to look more like the Valorant in-game cinematics.

While we don't know where KLaboratories got his info from, he also claims that the Valorant movie will release in 2025 and get a trailer in October 2024.

Since the original post is in Portuguese, here is an English version of it:

So, is this leak to be trusted? Well, there is no official confirmation from Riot or Tencent yet and this is the first time we heard of a Valorant movie, but given the success of Arcane, this development isn't too surprising. So yes, you should take this leak with a grain of salt, but we think that it is totally believable that Riot Games will try to reproduce their success with Arcane.

Are you hyped for a Valorant movie? We all know there actually is quite an interesting lore to the tactical shooter, so seeing this as a full length movie would be super fun.

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