League of Legends Movie: Is LoL coming to cinemas?

Riot Games might just release a League of Legends movie. Man, I'm pumped! Imagine, what would be more awesome, than a League of Legends Cinematic Universe with Arcane quality? The MCU better watch out.

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League of Legends Movie would be one of the most hype releases ever | © Riot Games

Fans have been asking for a League of Legends Cinematic Universe for years. Then, finally, we got Arcane. But what absolutely blows my mind, is that they might also work on a whole ass cinematic universe.

The world of Runeterra is vast and the amount of lore they have developed, over time, could easily cover that. I mean, Arcane only features a single city in the world of League, with 7 champions out of over 150. They don't even feature all of their story, imagine how many shows they could produce out of the source material.

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Okay, it might not be much, just yet, but it is enough to speculate. So what have we got? As it stands, Riot Games seems to be recruiting, but not just Game Designers, Voice Actors or some other stuff that's easy to explain for the games. No, they are looking for a Global Head of Live Action Film and Global Head of Live Action TV.

This indicates, that not only are they working on more releases in a series format, like arcane, but also movies, maybe even cinema releases. So expecting Riot to announce a League of Legends movie is now no longer out of the question.

By now, it seems like they have successfully recruited people for these positions, as they are no longer listed on riot's recruiting roster. Let's go baby! Maybe we can expect an announcement later this year, or early next year.

I can't wait to find out, which plot we are going to witness on the big screen.

Which stories do you want to see adapted the most?