Apex Legends Mobile | All Legends Tier List: Ranked From Best To Worst

Here is our complete tier list of all Legends in Apex Legends Mobile, ranked from best to worst.

Apex mobile legends
We got to play with a surprising amount of Legends right from the very start of Apex Legends Mobile. | © EA

Apex Legends Mobile emulates the full version of the game quite accurately. You're running around with the same characters, and the same weapons, doing a lot of the same things. But the sacrificed dexterity that you have to deal with when playing on mobile will drastically affect your play style. Intricate use of abilities, and 200 IQ plays are far less common. Speed and ease-of-use is really the name of the game when it comes to ranking the Legends in Apex Legends Mobile. So you should expect this list to look quite different to our tier ranking of all Legends in the base game.

In our tier list we've gone through all the Legends in Apex Legends Mobile and have tried to rank them for the average player. So of course, the best mobile gamers in the world might be able to get an S-tier performance out of C-tier Legend, but we're thinking of this from the perspective of the ordinary player. So, let's begin!

The Best Legends In Apex Legends Mobile

S-Tier Legends for Mobile


Wraith is massively popular in the base game and the mobile game, and we hardly need to explain why. Wraith's tactical ability is basically invulnerability, and in a game focused on survival, that's clutch. It's also easy to use, which is very important for mobile.

You'll struggle to use her Ult for the kind of 200IQ plays it was designed for in mobile, but the tactical does more than enough to push her into the S-tier.


Everyone's favorite speed freak is significantly better and more popular in mobile than he is in the base game. A lot of that comes down to the way fights in Apex Legends Mobile occur. Every fight becomes chaotic very quickly, and so a Legend who has as many getaway cards as Octane can keep poking into the fight, running away, and then resetting.

Also, as we've mentioned, ease-of-use is important for mobile, and Octane has some of the most simplistic skills in the game. Combine this with a constant health regen via passive, and he's maybe even the very best Legend on mobile.

Apex legends mobile
Just try and keep up! | © EA


Am I being biased as a Bloodhound main? Perhaps, but they're definitely either S or A-tier. Their abilities are slightly more difficult to use than the two Legends listed above, and the Ult isn't quite as powerful as in the base game, but wall hacks are wall hacks. And they're every bit as useful in Mobile.

Bloodhound isn't quite as OP as they normally are simply because intel is less valuable in mobile.

A-Tier Legends for Mobile


Pathfinder improves significantly from the base game to mobile. He has great mobility which can help you escape from scrappy fights, and his Ult can be fantastic for late-game rotations. Plus, he's easily the most likeable Legend in the game.

But why isn't he in S-Tier? Because he's just a touch too fiddly on mobile. That's really all it comes down to. He's built for this environment, but to use him effectively will take a lot more practice than it will with S-Tier Legends.


Oh, sweet Gibi. How I wish I could place you higher. Perhaps the pros will love Gibi, as they do in the base game, but for the average player he's never going to quite reach S-Tier. He does have a good set of skills, and the Ult in particular is useful, but the style of play on mobile just isn't as tactical as the base game and so teams will rarely use Gibraltar to maximum effect. You can win game after game with speed alone, so why get into the nitty-gritty of a bubble play?

B-Tier Legends for Mobile


In the opening trailer for Apex Legends Mobile we actually see Mirage win, although in practice this is less likely. Mirage has a decent set of skills, but his decoys will often cause just as much confusion for your own team as they will for the enemy on mobile. Tricksy little abilities like this are simply less valuable than something easy to use which provides an aggressive or speed-based boost.

In Mirage's defense, we've seen the passive be more useful on mobile than it usually is. This is probably because fewer people are as attentive in listening to sound queues on mobile, and so you can get away with reviving far more frequently.

Mirage a PEX m OBILE
Keep them guessing. | © EA


It's an open secret that Lifeline needs a rework or a heavy buff. And on mobile, it's just the same. The Ult is largely useless for good teams who can loot efficiently, she no longer has the awesome knockdown shield, and her D.O.C. drone could still be improved.

But we aren't going to put her in the bottom tier. Because, as the only support Legend in all of Apex Legends Mobile, she's filling an important role for a BR squad, and we don't have a replacement yet.


Fade was the first ever Legend released exclusively for mobile, there's no version of him ever coming to the original Apex Legends. That's pretty cool in a way, but to be honest, it's not like the mobile users have been spoiled with Fade. He's basically a more aggressive but less powerful version of Wraith.

Fade still makes it into B-Tier because the Ult is an easy-to-use ability, and because the tactical and passive can help you push teams effectively. But it's all just a bit too fiddly and complex for how little you get from it.

C-Tier Legends for Mobile


We promise we didn't put Bangalore down here because she's so annoying. In fact, since the development of Jackson's story we've actually grown to like her. But mechanically speaking, just don't play Bangalore. The Ult is lackluster at best and needs a huge buff, the passive is completely useless for experienced players, and the tactical smokes? Well, not as useless as the rest of her kit, but far too fiddly to use effectively on mobile.

Sorry we don't have a positive counterpoint, but we're just trying to be honest: you shouldn't play Bangalore if you want to be mechanically strong in Apex Legends Mobile.

Bangalore A Pex Mobikle
Shooter ready... | © EA


And right down here at the bottom of the pack we have poor old Caustic. He's not very strong on mobile or the base game right now, in all honesty. The problem lies with how situational his abilities are. Sure they can be clutch, but they need to be used well and at the right time. Compare that to other Legends who can basically spam their abilities to get constant utility.

Caustic is even worse on mobile than usual, though, because setting up a good gas trap is so much more difficult in that frenzied environment of Apex Legends Mobile. Ah well, maybe a rework is on the cards one day...

That was your complete overview of the Legends in mobile. We were rating them mechanically here, but if you want to know how we really feel...