This is Why Xbox is Better than PlayStation!

Xbox Series X|S vs PlayStation 5
The Xbox has quite a few advantages over the PlayStation... | © Microsoft & Sony

Do you want to engage in some next-gen gaming and need a new console? You are neither a Microsoft nor a Sony fanboy, and can't decide between Xbox and PlayStation? Don't worry, here are a few reasons why the Xbox is better than the PlayStation.

Yeah, a lot of people will be madly commenting at this point, but you know what? I couldn't give less of a toss. Xbox is better than the PlayStation, I'm going to tell you why, and you are (hopefully) going to listen.

First, of course, I do have to admit that if you can afford a gaming PC, it's always a better choice. Since almost all Xbox Games are also available for PC – Microsoft, Windows, Xbox – there isn't much of a point to getting an Xbox if you already have a great computer. However, not everyone can afford a big fat gaming PC, and some people prefer couch-gaming. For those people, Xbox is better than PlayStation, and here is why...

Why is Xbox Better?

Xbox Series X|S might not be significantly better or worse than the PlayStation 5 in terms of technology, but there are some pretty extraordinary reasons why Xbox is better than PlayStation. Let's take a look at some key points, to try and convince you that Xbox is the way to go.

Xbox Series S is Cheap-as-Chips!

The Xbox Series S is technologically weaker than the PS5 and Series X, but also significantly smaller, quieter, and cheaper. For less than €300, you get a potent next-gen console that also offers 4K Scaling.

Xbox Game Pass is Awesome!

If you combine the Xbox Series S with the Xbox Game Pass, you have a true gaming machine, and a game library, for only €300. Now, that's a pretty bloody good deal if you ask us.

Bethesda is Partnered with Microsoft

The biggest argument in favor of an Xbox, however, is the exclusive games. Especially the future exclusive games. Sure, there's Halo, Gears of War and Forza – the first two alone would justify an Xbox for me. However, Microsoft recently bought Bethesda, and we all know what that means: the next Elder Scrolls, Doom, Starfield, and any other future Bethesda titles, will not be available on PlayStation...

Do I really have to say more? If you want to take the big Triple-A titles with you over the next few years, you should definitely opt for an Xbox. If you don't have a cash cow at home, the Xbox Series S is your absolute best-bet!

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