Collegiate Rocket League Kicks Off Its Spring Season

Collegiate Rocket League, or CRL 2022, has finally kicked off its Spring Season with an impressive series of games.
Collegiate rocket league
CRL22 has begun, and we're not unimpressed... | © Collegiate Rocket League / Psyonix

Everybody has heard of the RLCS, and with the RLCS 2021-22 Winter Split Majors coming up in a few weeks, all eyes are peering towards those highly-anticipated games. Whilst CRL will never be a replacement to the Rocket League Championship Series, this American College competition is a welcome change of pace. With CRL22's Spring Season kicking off, all eyes are shifting to both the A and B streams of the competition.

In the first week of Collegiate Rocket League's 2022 Spring Season, we've already seen a series of impressive and entertaining games that even featured a whopping one-game drop of 1213 points from Stokelyy of Seton Hall Esports. Whilst these players are not of the same level as perhaps an RLCS Team like BDS or Queso, the former became RLCS 2021-22 Fall Major Champions, that doesn't mean that CRL games are any less entertaining than their RLCS counterparts.

Last night (as of writing) the first games of the season began, streamed on both Rocket League's and College Carball's Twitch Channels, with two game-streams running simultaneously. We will break down last night's schedule and their results below, but first, we just want to clarify something: yes, these are all American Universities (or, whatever a "College" is). Rocket League is an American game and, whilst that is a little annoying, we're all going to just have to suck it up!

What Happened in Collegiate Rocket League?

Collegiate Rocket League kicked off this Spring Season with a real hit, with ten matches spread across two different streams. This has now narrowed down the competition to a final five matches between a total of ten teams that will end week one. Here are the details:

Who Played in A Stream of CRL22's First Spring Season Event?

Following are the five games played in A Stream of Collegiate Rocket League's 2022 first Spring Season event.

Match NumberTeam 1Team 2
1Virginia TechSeton Hall
2UT ArlingtonSan Diego St
3IndianaOhio State
4Cal PolyColumbia
5Missour S&TColorado SM

Who Played in B Stream of CRL22's First Spring Season Event?

Following are the five games played as part of the B Stream of last night's Collegiate Rocket League event.

Match NumberTeam 1Team 2
1St. ClairRIT


Ohio State
5Cal PolyNorth Texas

Over the ten games listed above, we received a final selection of games to be played in the second broadcast of Collegiate Rocket League Spring 2022. These games featured an incredibly impressive play from @StokelyyRL who managed to score a whopping 1213 points in Game 4 of the event. We just wanted to give him a shoutout, it was pretty badass...

Collegiate Rocket League Spring 2022 Schedule

The second game of CRL22 will be held on Thursday, February 17 at 17:00 PT (or 8PM ET). Remember that the games will take place at different times to narrow down a final selection of potential event champions. Also keep in mind that these are college virtual-football players, so don't expect to see the likes of M0nkeyM00n playing. Whilst we don't yet know the exact matchups for the rest of the competition, we can expect big things from Seton Hall, UT Arlington, Indiana, Columbia and Missouri S&T at the very least. See you there...