Rocket League Esports Introduce New Away Jersey Decals for RLCS 2021-22

RLCS 2021-22 is in full-swing and, as promised, Psyonix and Rocket League Esports have brought Away Esports Decals to the item store.

Rocket league away decals
The new Away Decals look awesome, and are a great way to celebrate your favourite team in RLCS 2021-22! | © Psyonix

The Esports Shop are introducing brand new Away Kits for RLCS 2021-22. Back in October, Psyonix revealed their fantastic selection of new Rocket League Esports Decals, celebrating the new season in style. Now that this year's RLCS season is in full-swing, Psyonix have delivered on their promise with this fantastic selection of brand-new Away Decals, all of them primed, loaded, and ready to absolutely destroy on the field.

These brand new Away Kits will combine with the original Home Kits to provide a fantastic selection of decals for any avid RLCS fan whom wants to don their favourite team's respective colours and designs. They look pretty awesome (in some cases), but it's not always just about looks – its about their significance to you, so you're going to want to study the details before you pour your hard-earned money into these bad-boys.

Additional to new Away Kits for all of the original vehicles that were given Home Decals back in October, two new teams have been added to the selection of Esports Decals in the Item Shop. These two teams – Complexity and Misfits Gaming – now have both Home and Away Kits, with some fantastic details to show off to your friends and fellow Rocketeers!

What is Coming to Rocket League with the Away Decals?

Rocket League is getting a number of new Esports Decals, including the brand new Away Decals that are coming to the original RLCS 2021-22 set, and both Home and Away decals for two new teams. To be precise:

  • 37 brand-new Away Decals, designed by the Teams themselves.
  • 2 new teams are coming to the Rocket League Esports Shop.
    • These teams each get an Away Decal
    • These teams each get a Home Decal

Which Cars Are the Away Decals For?

The Away Jersey Decals are available for each team on the Octane, Dominus and Fennec. Each Team features a subtly different design depending on which vehicle you have chosen to don their Esports Decals upon. If you are unsure about which car you want to use your Team's decals on, then understand that the Octane and Fennec have the same Hitbox, and that the Dominus is fantastic for last-minute saves and defensive play. Check out the linked guides, they might be able to help!

When are the Away Decals Available in Rocket League?

The Away Decals are available in Rocket League from 4PM PST/12AM UTC on January 25/26. This means that they are quite likely to be available by the time that you are reading this article. There are some great ones available in RLCS 2021-22, including both the Home and the Away variants. Honestly, Psyonix have really outdone themselves this time around. Giving the Teams the ability to design their own decals was absolutely genius, and yielded some really great results! Seriously! Check them out!