Rocket League Neon Nights 2023: All Items, Challenges & LTMs From The New Event!

It's back-to-back Neon Nights in Rocket League to start off the new event calendar! This time, though, rapper Cochise and his music are featured in the game. On top of that, new challenges, free items and two additional LTMs make for a great couple of weeks!

Rocket League Neon Nights 2023
Rocket League Neon Nights 2023: Celebrate free items and amazing music! | © Psyonix

Neon Nights is back in Rocket League! The event, which takes place at around the same time every year, can be characterized by two main features: Vibrating music and bright neon colors! While we could listen to the tunes of Grimes in 2022, rapper Cochise spices things up in this year's Neon Nights!

As it is the norm with new Rocket League events, Psyonix releases a few challenges that you can use to unlock brand-new items. Two limited-time game modes (LTMs) are also returning. Let's dive into the details of Neon Nights!

Rocket League Neon Nights Event: All Details & Release Date

This year's Neon Nights event "boosts the beat with Cochise" and celebrates the artists' music in Rocket League. You can start completing challenges on January 25 at 9am PST – if that's too much of a grind, try out the new chaotic LTMs and earn up to five Golden Moons. All while you're listening to the blasting beats and high-energy soundtrack in the menu.

The event will be headlined by Cochise – if you're not yet familiar with his music, you can check out his song "Tell Em" here. He even wrote his latest song "LONG WAY" especially for Rocket League. Pretty cool, actually.

All New Items And Challenge Rewards

During the event you can play Rocket League to unlock some event-specific items. Here is a list of all the new cosmetics available as challenge rewards during Rocket League Neon Nights:

  • Cochise Decal
  • Cochise Player Banner
  • INSPECTION Avatar Border
  • POCKET ROCKET Player Banner
  • TURN IT UP Player Anthem
  • LONG WAY Player Anthem

On top of that, there will be even more special items that you can get from the Rocket League in-game shop. Some of these are free, others require a few RL credits:

  • "The Inspector" Player Title (FREE)
  • Cochise Antenna (FREE)
  • POCKET ROCKET Player Anthem (200 RL Credits)

Limited Time Modes During Rocket League Neon Nights

During the Rocket League Neon Nights event, there will be two new LTMs: Spike Rush and Speed ​​Demon! If you're not quite sure how to play the modes yet, check out the official description Psyonix provided us with:

Spike Rush

Spike Rush is a prickly Mode where every car is fully carpeted in Spikes. You’ll need to be careful because whoever skewers the ball will temporarily lose their ability to boost, giving the other team plenty of room for an epic interception!

Speed Demon

Speed Demon makes – as the name implies – everything fast fast fast. Unlimited double-strength boost, supercharged ball speed, demos on contact, and a 1-second respawn timer make quick reflexes a must.
Rocket League Stachelsturm LTM
You'll get focused if you have the ball in Spike Rush! | © Psyonix

Spike Storm is available in Rocket League for the first week of the event – until February 1st, to be precise. For the second part of Neon Nights, the LTM will be replaced by Speed ​​Demon... you can enjoy the fast-paced action until February 7th.

So... now you know all about Neon Nights 2023. Just jump into Rocket League and earn some Golden Moons to unlock items from the Zephyr, Victory, and Overdrive item series! By the way, the more you play, the more XP you will earn – don't forget your current season's Rocket Pass!

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