Rocket League 2021 NFL Fan Pass Adds New Team Decals & More

To celebrate Thanksgiving Day showdowns, Psyonix are adding a set of new Decals, and other assorted items, to Rocket League's 2021 NFL Fan Pass.

Rocket league nfl fan pass 2021
Rocket League's 2021 Fan Pass is pretty fantastic. If you're into American Football, that is. | © Psyonix

A few months ago, Psyonix revealed the 2021 NFL Fan Pass for Rocket League, which included a collection of decals, player banners, and other assorted items. It was pretty special, if you're into the National Football League, and thus you may (or may not) be excited to check out the new content that's coming to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Well... you'll be excited if you're America, after all the "National" in National Football League refers to the United States of America and - of course - the USA is, in fact, the only "Nation" that exists. Now that I've sufficiently dried you out with that solid dose of sodium chloride, we should (begrudgingly) take a look at Rocket League's 2021 NFL Fan Pass, and the changes coming to it for Thanksgiving.

To celebrate the annual NFL showdowns that come on Thanksgiving Day, Psyonix is adding the 2021 NFL Fan Pass to the Rocket League Item Shop. In addition, they have brought the Gridiron Limited Time Mode back for yet another round.

What is in the 2021 NFL Fan Pass?

A collection of Octane Decals, Team Player Banners, and Antennas are included for all 32 NFL Teams. The NFL Fan Pass was introduced to kick off the Season in September, and has now been introduced again to celebrate the games over Thanksgiving. In addition to the Octane content, there are 32 Dominus Decals and the Pigskin Paint Finish included in Rocket League's 2021 NFL Fan Pass.

When is the 2021 NFL Fan Pass Available?

The 2021 NFL Fan Pass will be available between November 23 and November 30. This will include not just the original content included back in December, but all the new content that was introduced for Thanksgiving.

How Much is the 2021 NFL Fan Pass?

The 2021 NFL Fan Pass costs 1000 Rocket League Credits, the equivalent of a little less than $10 USD. This will get you all the content described above, as well as any content that will be added to the Fan Pass in the future.

Gridiron Returns with the Gridiron Games

Gridiron is returning to Rocket League just in time for Thanksgiving, returning the beloved mode to its rightful place (only in America, though... of course), alongside a bunch of Event Challenges that you can check out in the Item Shop. Now we're not going to dive into how Gridiron works, because we have a dedicated article for that, but we are going to say this: it's bloody fun, and if you complete the two available challenges, you will unlock the NFL Logo Player Banner and the NFL Avatar Border.

Who's Participating in the Gridiron Games?

The Gridiron Games will be hosted by Dazerin and Roll Dizz, with guest appearances from NFL stars Cam Jordan, Mark Ingram, and Mecole Hardman. In addition, a number of Rocket League players will take part in the action. Here's the complete list:

  • AyyJayy
  • Chell
  • Comm
  • FeFe
  • NikkiJustine
  • Nursie
  • OSM
  • Retals
  • Rocket Sledge
  • SadJunior
  • Satthew
  • Spoodah
  • Tho
  • TriHouse
  • Tox
  • Virge

The Gridiron Games will take place on November 23 at 3PM PST (11PM UTC). They will be a whole lot of fun, and you should definitely check them out if you are a fan of Rocket League or NFL. Seriously, we won't judge you. Jump into the stream on Twitch and have a jolly ol' time!