Rocket League: Hybrid Hitbox Dimensions, Playstyle & Vehicles

Rocket league hybrid hitbox
The insanely popular Nissan Skyline features an Hybrid Hitbox! | © Psyonix

It's time to dive back into our Rocket League Hitbox Guides – this time, it's the Rocket League Hybrid Hitbox! What is the Hybrid Hitbox in Rocket League? Is it any good, and what are the Hybrid Hitbox dimensions? We take a look at the Rocket League Hybrid Hitbox, all the details, and which vehicles are available for it.

Hitboxes in Rocket League are an interesting phenomenon. Prior to the Anniversary Update or Patch v1.35, each vehicle had its own properties. To better balance Rocket League, Psyonix decided to introduce six specific hitboxes that all new cars had to fit into. We've already taken a look at the Octane Hitbox and the Dominus Hitbox, and with Season 3 reintroducing the Nissan Skyline, it's time to dive into the Rocket League Hybrid Hitbox!

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Rocket League Hybrid Hitbox: Dimensions

  • Length: 127.0192000
  • Width: 82.1878700
  • Height: 34.1590700

Rocket League Hybrid Hitbox: Handling, Height, & Inclination

Rocket League Hybrid Hitbox: Handling

  • Standard: 2.345
  • Boost: 2.014

Rocket League Hybrid Hitbox: Ground Height

  • Ground Height: 45.447330

Rocket League Hybrid Hitbox: Inclination

  • Inclination: -0.55°

Rocket League Hybrid Hitbox Playstyle & Handling

Since the Rocket League Hybrid Hitbox has pretty good handling, and is the same length as the Dominus, it is a pretty popular Hitbox to use. With reasonably good handling (second best turning radius in Rocket League), and an average – but not too tall – height, the Hybrid Hitbox is ideal for maneuverability and defense.

Which Rocket League Vehicles Use the Hybrid Hitbox?

  • Endo
  • Esper
  • Fast and Furious Nissan Skyline
  • Fast and Furious Pontiac Fiero
  • Insidio
  • Jäger 619 RS
  • Nimbus
  • Tygris
  • Venom
  • X-Devil
  • X-Devil MK2

So there you have it, some contestable data about the Rocket League Hybrid Hitbox. Keep in mind that the measurements are not exact, and our analysis is based on personal experience and opinion. Let us know if you disagree with our assessment, and of course, stick to EarlyGame...

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