Rocket League Rule 34: Yes, It Exists

There is a concerning trend in Rocket League, dubbed Rocket League Rule 34, which is certainly not safe for work.
Rocket league rule 34
Well, this is making us uncomfortable... | © Psyonix

This trend is a meme, or the meme is a trend, and what is clear is that with Rocket League Rule 34, our car-football obsession will never be the same again.

Is a game dead if the only thing trending about it is pornography? Well, that might be a bit of a brutal statement – and looking at the rank distribution quite frankly false –, but this meme has certainly got a little out of hand. At the time of writing this article (well, when we originally wrote this article... so back at the beginning of 2021), it was number one on Google Trends, under the keyword “Rocket League”, over the last seven days. What is Rocket League Rule 34, and what is this all about?

NSFW Warning: This article includes cars that are having far too much fun.

What is Rocket League Rule 34?

Basically, Rocket League Rule 34 is Rocket League porn, with a brief Googling of Rule 34 revealing that it's an Internet Maxim referring to the following fact, drawn right out of Urban Dictionary:

If it exists, there is porn of it. If there isn't, there will be.

This then begs the question, then, why are people searching for such an obscene thing? This is when we discovered this hilarious, if slightly disturbing video, amongst others...

The first thing that happened upon watching this clip (after the initial groan of frustration), was that we realized the extent to which humanity is doomed. Ten years ago, the “tea-bagging” phenomenon was at its height, but then it dropped out of the memosphere. Could this be the next “tea-bagging"?

Well, we certainly think that it's funny. It might leave us with little faith in humanity, but it also leaves us with tremendous faith in the memes. Who needs humans when we have the internet, after all? Well, humans control the internet, and we suppose that there are a lot of people with very bad senses of humour out there... This is especially evident when Rocket League Rule 34 is trending on Google. Jeez.

Bad senses of humour? Okay, we admit, we definitely fall into that camp. If you're at work (like me) and want to be safe from Rule 34, you can watch our Rocket League videos without having to look over your shoulder. Here you will only find helpful tips & tricks, no weird car action that shouldn't even exist...

Well, maybe this could be one way to increase the number of people per-match in Rocket League? It would certainly make (somewhat forked up) sense! You could also say that it would be a good way to clear the soot from our collective exhaust pipes.

Oh my, oh my, this has been an unbelievably uncomfortable article to write and research. Rocket League Rule 34? We're all doomed. Now, how do you end the article on a positive note? Let's see... maybe some of the best Rocket League stickers for your distraction: