Rocket League Season 3: Rocket Pass Trailer, Tyranno, & Release Date

rocket league season 3 rocket pass
There's a new trailer for the Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass, and the Tyranno looks awesome. (Credit: Psyonix)

Rocket League Season 3 will be dropping very soon, and with it, so will the Rocket Pass. Thus, a new Rocket Pass trailer has been released, showing off the Tyranno in all of its glory. What are the Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass details, and what is the Rocket League Season 3 release date?

With a new Season for Rocket League just around the corner, it's time to dive into the trailer. It's simple, quite beautiful, and certainly doesn't fail to hype us up about the new Tyranno car. Are you excited, too?

Well, now that bad-boy has us positively frothing with excitement! Seriously, if you could see us right now, you would see that we are foaming up like a rabid dog. With that disgusting image in your brain, it's time for us to ask a bleedingly obvious question...

Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass: What is the Tyranno?

The Tyranno is the latest car to make the leap into Rocket League and will utilize a Dominus Hitbox. It can be unlocked immediately with the Premium Pass, and is the first of probably several cross-over vehicles, announced in partnership with both NASCAR and Formula 1. We will find out more details about the Tyranno, as well as future racing-car-crossover-themed vehicles over the next few weeks. If you want to know more, we have all the juicy details right here:

What is in the Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass?

  • New Tyranno Vehicle
  • Pro Rewards beyond Tier 70
  • Chequered Flag Goal Explosion
  • Traction Wheels
  • Retrogression Animated Decal
  • New Player Anthems

Psyonix has not yet released all the items included in the Season 3 Rocket Pass but has confirmed that it will contain 70+ Tiers of new items. That's pretty exciting, and we can't wait to take the dive and explore Rocket League Season 3 very soon. Oh, and the Season 3 Rocket Pass will probably take about 60 hours to complete... We will update this list of inclusions as we find out more!

When is the Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass Release Date?

Rocket League Season 3, along with its Rocket Pass, will release on April 7 at 8 AM PDT (3 PM UTC). It will not end until August 11, extended from an original Season 3 end date of July 21.

Additionally, the next Rocket League update will be released on April 6, at 4 PM PDT (11 PM UTC). Keep that in mind, so you can get everything downloaded before the big Season 3 launch. Are you hyped? We're hyped, and if you're not... that's okay, it's not compulsory.


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