F1 Esports: Pro Player Threatens To Retire If This One Major Issue Isn't Fixed

Jarno Opmeer has had five brake failures within the last one and a half months. This makes the two-time world champion, currently racing for Mercedes-AMG F1 Esports, reconsider his participation in the F1 Esports Series.

Jarno Opmeer
A slightly happier Jarno Opmeer, celebrating his first win of the 2022 season in Mexico City | © F1 Esports Series

It seems like Jarno Opmeer cannot catch a break from his ongoing hardware issues, as evident from an incident in round 3 of the Premier Sim Gaming League (PSGL), held on the Circuit Park Zandvoort. During a fast lap in the qualifying session, he was braking for turn 1 but was let down by his brake pedal snapping in half. As a result, the car of the Mercedes driver went straight off the track and hit the wall, prematurely ending the Dutchman's session.

This incident occurred during one of his latest livestreams. He then let out his frustration for all his Twitch viewers to witness:

"How can you drive F1 Esports with this? You cannot run an F1 Esports World Championship on brake pedals that can't even f***ing handle half of a normal braking force. [...] This kind of stuff makes me want to stop with F1 Esports because it's so unfair... you cannot run a championship with this bulls***."

Issues Put Hardware Supplier Fanatec Into Bad Light

Jarno Opmeer is using the Fanatec CSL Elite V2 LC pedals, as mandated by the F1 Esports Series regulations. These pedals are supposed to be high end-pedals, as reflected by the $299.95 price tag that puts them level with entire gaming wheel systems sold by competitors.

Fans of F1 Esports are now wondering why Fanatec is not supplying the highest level of F1 Esports with the highest level of gear, and why pedals for such a high price are not built to a higher quality standard.

Fanatec has not yet commented on the situation.

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