The One True King returns with the new Battle Pass

The one true king
Wraith king is back to being Skeletong king. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

The Dota 2 Battle Pass is finally upon us and fans are thrilled. Anti-mage gets a female version, while Wraith King gets his old bones back and more.

Valve remained true to their promise and released the long-awaited 2020 Dota 2 Battle Pass early this week. We’ve already gone to some of the typical features from previous Battle Passes.

This one is special though as it builds further with some features that the community has been asking for.

Since this year’s Battle Pass includes a lot of the already known features, we’ll be focusing on what’s new.

Sanctums of the divine
Image credit: Valve Corporation

New Terrain – The Sanctums of the Divine

Much like previous terrains, this one is tied exclusively to the Battle Pass and there will be no other way to obtain it. The Sanctums of the Divine will never be available for trade or on the marketplace, so if you want it you’ll either have to put the work to reach Level 160 on your Pass or buy some levels.

Image credit: Valve Corporation


One of the things players have been asking for for a long time. Guilds used to be a thing before Dota 2 Reborn, but for some reason, Valve decided to remove them. Now they’re back and they’re arguably even better. Guild chat carries over to Steam itself and there are plenty of challenges and points to earn and increase the rank of your guild.

The summer event
Image credit: Valve Corporation

The Summer Event(s)

There will be two special events this year:

The Labyrinth – a four-player co-op where players will focus on exploration. It sure sounds like a campaign.

Choices of Life or Death - Work as a team to choose your path. Behind every door awaits a new surprise, and no two adventures will go the same. Those who prove worthy can unlock an even greater challenge—and of course a commensurate reward. - This one seems similar to the Underbelly but maybe without the PvP element.

The sideshop
Image credit: Valve Corporation

The Sideshop

If you’re a fan of Dota 2 Auto Chess or Underlords then you’ll feel right at home with this one. Owners of the 2020 Battle Pass will be able to earn side shop gold. The latter can then be used to buy heroes, increase their level and then sell them for a reward.

Bounty Killing

Each week Pass owners will get bounty tokens with which they can mark an enemy hero. The one placing the token can’t be the one to complete it. If the enemy hero is killed before the timer is out

MVP / VS Screen

Both features have been reworked and now look even better. In the pre-game versus screen you can now even use specific animations while getting the MVP highlight will net you in extra rewards.

Pause screen games

If you’ve played enough Dota 2 you’ll know that in the huge majority of games there are a lot of pauses. To make the time pass easier, players will now have access to three different games – Whack-a-Meepo, Musical Chairs and Hero Hunt.e killer will get a 200 battle points reward.

Windranger arcana
Image credit: Valve Corporation


There are a total of three Immortal treasures for this year’s Battle Pass each filled with Immortal items for various heroes. In addition to those, the 2020 Pass introduced 2 new Personas and 3 new arcanas.

The first persona came last year for Invoker and now Pudge and Anti-mage are next. Introducing Toy-Butcher and female Anti-mage.

Qop arcana
Image credit: Valve Corporation
Pudge persona
Image credit: Valve Corporation
Anti mage persona
Image credit: Valve Corporation

While it’s undeniable that Pudge is still one of the most picked heroes, the AM choice is a bit off since the hero isn’t nearly as popular.

In the arcana department it’s Queen of Pain, Windranger and Wraith King or should we say, King.

The one true king
Wraith King becomes Skeleton King once again with his new arcana. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

The old bones return as an arcana, as many players were hit by nostalgia when the hero received a necessary rework.

In addition to everything else we’ve mentioned old features like a music pack, emoticons, wagering, and more are also making a return. Stay tuned for more Dota 2 news and make sure to level up your Battle Pass. Check out EarlyGame for more updates from the world of gaming and esports.