All Valorant Agent Classes In a Nutshell

Agent classes are something that sets Valorant apart from other FPS games like Counter-Strike or Call of Duty. Let's find out what they mean exactly, so you can find the one that fits your playstyle!

Valorant agent class guide
What kind of Agent role is your go-to? | © Riot Games

In most FPS games, roles and positions were often determined by the players, making gameplay highly chaotic. In most FPS games, roles and positions were often determined by the players, making gameplay highly chaotic. In Valorant, this problem has been solved with classes specializing in completely different things, which balances and sets up the lobby in a way.

As of now, Valorant has 4 Agent classes:

In this article, we will go through all of these Agent roles and explain to you what each role is needed for, because we think that you most of the time need one Agent of every role in your team composition. Let's go!

All Valorant Agent Roles Briefly Explained

Duelist Valorant Class

Duelist class explained guide
Rush B. | © Riot Games

Duelists are the aggressive and self-sufficient Agents in Valorant who excel at making offensive plays and engaging opponents. As the "entry fragger class," they take on high-risk and high-reward actions to gain a massive advantage on the field. Their abilities allow for aggressive gameplay, making them a great pick for players who don't like to camp and are eager to get these sweet kills. That said, if you're someone who loves to rush in, go for one of the Duelist Agents like Yoru or Jett.

Sentinel Valorant Class

Killjoy sentinel class
Sentinels are the support class of Valorant. | © Riot Games

Sentinel Agents are the support and in-game leader class in Valorant, known for their passive playstyle and abilities that allow them to stay in the back line. With a round-winning strategy and clutch calls up their sleeves, Sentinels excel as in-game leaders and are expected to dish out tactics to help their team succeed.

Sentinels may not score the most kills (unless you are Chamber), but they boost the effectiveness of their teammates with all of their utility. This role can be challenging to pilot and require a lot of skill and strategic thinking, so if you are a kind of player who loves to play mindgames and solve puzzles, that could be your go-to class!

Initiator Valorant Class

Fade initiator
Fade is a pretty safe Initiator pick. | © Riot Games

Initiator Agents are known for their ability to gather useful information about the enemy team. Their abilities are often centered around revealing the enemy's location and the so-called crowd control, so they play a crucial role in helping the Duelists with initial pushes and gathering intel.

It's also worth noting they can be super versatile, so you will find them both pressing that "W" button and hiding in the back corner. That said, if you like both aggressive and support playstyle, this could be the class for you, but be careful, as they are often pretty hard to play, a great example of which is Skye.

Controller Valorant Class

Brimstone smokes
Controllers are the main smokers in your team. | © Riot Games

Controllers are expert at disrupting enemy sight lines and controlling the battlefield with their smoke abilities. As vision and contested ground are crucial factors in winning a round, these Agents play a vital role in helping their team get control over Spike Sites. While they may not always be at the top of the scoreboard, their ability to "prepare the battlefield" for their teammates makes them an essential part of any team composition. Controllers have access to the best smokes in the game, which is why you mostly rely on them if you need something to get smoked.

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