FunPlus Phoenix Beat OpTic To Reach VCT Copenhagen Finals

Once again, OpTic Gaming faced a situation in which they had either the grand finals or elimination from a major. Unfortunately for them, this time, it fell to elimination.

FPX win
Will they be our next "Masters"? | © Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix is doing simply amazing this year; even though they couldn't go to their first major tournament, their morale remained in place. In today's match, they defeated OpTic Gaming, clear favorites VCT Copenhagen. Hm, "defeated" - they kind of dominated them to be fair. And with this win, FPX secured their spot at the Grand Finals, where they will face Paper Rex on July 24th.

And well, that's the reality, but did we really expect such a loss from OpTic Gaming where they lost so many favored rounds on their side? Let's recap what happened in the Lower Finals today!

VCT Copenhagen Lower Finals Recap

At first, it looked like the match was going OpTic Gaming's way, where they led 2-0 on the first map, which was Split. However, after a clean 4k by Shao the match returned turned towards FunPlus Phoenix. OpTic couldn't win more than 4 rounds after this happened, as if the team's morale suddenly dropped. Like, FNS, Victor, and Crashies didn't even manage to get 10 frags on this map, which is absolutely not something we could expect from these players.

If you follow EMEA Valorant, you probably know that FunPlus Phoenix has a bit of a hard time on Icebox; yeah, they don't win a lot on this map, yet OpTic Gaming does. Well, it was probably the closest match out of all we have seen today, but still – it ended with a win from FunPlus Phoenix. The clear MVP of this match was definitely adriis who... well, see for yourself:

The next map was Bind and here we could see the good old OpTic tactics working as usual, and it all ended with a quick 13:6 win from the North American squad. This was a very interesting thing to watch as it was really just a battle of strategies and both teams trying to outsmart each other. Plus, we could also see a bunch of nice plays from crashies and Victor:

But it all ended on Fracture, where FunPlus Phoenix once again dominated OpTic Gaming. Even though we hoped this match would have been a bit longer, FunPlus Phoenix ruled on this map right from the start, where they had a 6-0 lead at one point. You could see that the EMEA squad practiced the map a lot, as it was clear that they were super synergetic.

Funplus Phoenix

OpTic Gaming
First half93
Second half136
First half66
Second half138
First half93
Second half136
First half93
Second half137

So, now it all comes down to FPX or PRX! Who is your favorite? Make sure to let us know on our Discord and tune in for the Grand Finals tomorrow at 05:00PM CEST.